I hate my oldest step daughter

I met my husband 2 years ago and it took us a few months to introduce each other to our kids. He had two beautiful little girls (5 and 3) and I had a son who just turned 1, now 7,5 and 3.
After a year we got an apartment and visitation with the girls was every weekend seeing how we all live in the same small town and his ex wife and I got along just fine it would sometimes be more visits and longer ones.
I slowly started to notice his oldest daughter would tease the two younger kids just to make them cry, she would "accidentally" spill her food or hide it because I refuse to give her what she wants like mommy and daddy did. And when she found out I wouldn't budge to her demands things got kicked up a level.
I've seen "f** u b***" written in my note books, she lies,steals, breaks,spills, and even purposely wipes her nose on the towels that we all use because I told her to start putting her snotty tissues IN the trash so the now crawling baby doesn't eat them. The worst part isn't even shared yet! I inform both of her parents and they do nothing. Her mom lets her get away with everything and her dad thinks it's my son from my previous relationship just because he's 3 and can't defend himself.
I wanted to love her and her sister and now i want to leave her at her moms and just take her sister. If i could never hear that annoying high pitched hyena laugh or nasty snotty clogged nosed brat again I would be perfectly happy with it.


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  • Aww poor you, boo boo. Why get involved with a man with kids if you're a complete bitchh?

  • There is no doubt this child is acting out. And it sucks that both her parents refuse to do anything to correct her behavior. Your husband and you should be on the same page with child rearing. It also shouldn't be your kids vs. my kids. You guys are married, kids pick up on that stuff..especially when they feel they have to compete for love and attention. Are you yelling at her all the time and then not with the other two? Has her mother remarried or had more kids? Just thinking from a 7 year old's perspective.. mommy and daddy divorce, daddy remarries and they have another family. And that cute baby gets all the attention and I get in trouble for everything. She's 7, she doesn't have the tools to cope. Does her school report bad behavior? She's going to be in your life for as long as you are married to her father. And if this isn't worked out, it's just going to be miserable when she becomes a teenager. Consider going to a therapist to figure out the best way you and her dad and his ex-wife can correct this. They cannot ignore this.

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