Bisexual, School, My life, Oh My!

I think I like this guy but I'm pretty sure its just the hormones from puberty tricking me right? Plus I think he's straight which is like taboo in the LGBT world. Its getting to the point where even masturbation is not enough. Its as is my hands have both failed me. I'm planning of confessing a time close to graduation that's as if he doesn't move out of town and isn't dating someone. If he is then f*** it YOLO, I just don't want to regret it for the rest of my life. These hormones are driving me nuts. What exactly do they want me to feel?!?! I'm already dropping the weight and studying half because I'm wanting him. and other half because PE looks fun but my fat ass can't even do a lap around the track without having foot pain.

Oh boy school! Sounds like a fun topic said no one ever. I'm a 13 year old cellist. I have been with the cello for 3 years now and there is this "classmate" who is getting between our way. Lets call him Don. Don is in the "gifted" class. As in he smart enough to be acknowledged. And Don is a narcissistic little b****. I swear he is too much! He's gay and proud and I admire him for that. But in orchestra he acts as though he's number one. Which of course makes people around him angry and he always wonders why its all ways happening to him. Well let me tell you don. Your a fuckboy, and nobody likes them congratulations. He thinks he is going to be 1st chair (its like a throne. But in reality you just sit next to the conductor and look pretty.) But oh he has another thing coming. Its JOHN- sorry I couldn't contain myself. Tis is I the hero that will stop thee from becoming first-eth chair-eth. (Working on it.)

School is hard but I'm getting my grades up yay me! I need to start reading more if I don't want to fail English which I already have a F in. (Working on it ill bring it up to an A in no time!) Which is weird because I read a lot in the 5th grade. Oh and trust me I am going to get flush A's. I am going to become a neurosurgeon and help as many people as I can because I want to be the cause. I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE BUT IM JUST A TEENAGE SHITWAD according to people that despise the new generation.

Thanks for reading and I hope I got to entertain you guys too. If you read anything of course.


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  • I take anything a 13 yr old says with a grain of salt. Are you just gay because it's the in thing these days? I feel sorry for the world you will leave your children.

  • That's if he has any children, in the future.

  • Lol narcissist much?!

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