Kissing My Coworker

I'm a 21 year old female RA in college and decided to go out last Saturday night with another male RA on my staff. I did my best texting and calling everyone I knew to find other friends to go out with us, but everyone seems to have big tests coming up or felt sick so we ended up just going out by ourselves.

Long story short we each drank our fair share of two fishbowls at a local bar and headed out to another bar where we met up with another male friend of mine. Throughout the night I was trying to get them girls to dance with but none of them were working out and eventually I ended up dancing very sexually with my coworker and my other male friend as well.

We left for another bar and the guys decided to go drink more despite each of us already being very intoxicated. We started dancing again with my friend behind me and my coworker in front of me, all of us attached at the hips.

One moment I was looking down and the next I look up and suddenly I'm making out with my coworker, I hear my friend gasp in surprise and suddenly I'm faced with the realization that I'm kissing my coworker. I saw it going one of two ways: I either go all in and keep kissing more passionately or I back away. I chose to back away because I knew it was wrong to be kissing my coworker, but to be honest I really just wanted to keep making out, it's in general something I just really enjoy doing.

Immediately when we broke apart he asked, "but aren't you my coworker?" to which I replied, "yes" and he replied"oh s***." We promptly left the bar and he starts freaking out on the walk home and says he won't remember this tomorrow and to not ever talk about it or bring it up. I told him if I had to live with it so did he, I was just being a little s*** about it to him.

Next day rolls around and we snapchat each other like normal and I see him much later in the day with other RA staff members around and he says he blacked out from after he took his last drink to when we were walking back and said he knows we were walking, but doesn't know what we were talking about.

I wasn't about to bring it up, especially in front of our other RA staff members. Since he said he didn't want to ever talk about the kiss on our way back the night it happened, I'm figuring he may remember and just wants an excuse to not say anything about it.

Personally I don't really care that much, truth be told he was the third person I made out with that night so I see it as just another drop in the pail, but I'm having some anxiety over it because of his freak out.

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  • Move on and don't give a crap!! He's overreacting for nothing!!

  • Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that! The way I see it is s*** happens and you move on!

  • True lol!! He's a fool!! :)

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