White male

Why is it that listening to Trump and most Republicans I feel I need to apologize? All I can say is I am sorry, I can't say that I don't have my own prejudices but I strive for the future to be better. I can see less prejudice in my generation than my parents and less prejudice in my children's than mine. I want my grandchildren to grow up in a world where race is no more important as to which day you were born.

Sep 27, 2016

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  • Just what we need right now? Another castrated white guy......... Just do your fellow countrymen this one simple favor: Stay home on election day!

  • Or a white guy with a conscience. Do us a favor, go vote however you want, that is your right just as it is mine and many other people that you would prefer would stay home. If you look at all the racism that is taking place today and feel it isn't an issue, hopefully in another 50 years you will grow up and be able to see past either a white or black guy.

  • When I listen to him I'm glad to hear someone speak the truth. Trump is not racist. Those who feel the need to apologize for being white are the racists and a huge part of the problem. When you get older you will see how the world really works. Vote for Trump!

  • You are what's wrong with this country. I would happily park my truck's front tire on your face and do the world a favor by improving its collective intelligence by a few points.

  • I never apologise for being black and I never let racism define me! Just like I don't let black history in regards to slavery, influence how I treat and perceive white people. We're all human beings regardless of race and gender. Just be yourself :)

  • Trump is a fool and if he's elected President, the USA is going to become more foolish, that it already is!! Good luck with that!!

  • Oh, it is. IT IS.

    Elect a clown, expect a circus.

  • Clinton is a fool and if she's elected President, the USA is going to become more foolish, that it already is!! Good luck with that!!

  • Hi from 2021. The world has been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt what a clownshoes nation we've become. Be proud, little Trumptard.

    Oh, and by the way, HE LOST the reelection. Biden's ten times the president that narcissistic toddler ever was!

  • Regardless of whom is going to be, the next president of the USA, the USA is already foolish! Good luck with that!!

  • When I listen to them, I feel like I need to shower.

  • Same here

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