i recently had taken my young step daughter and her friend to there first music concert being away from the house and there mother i allowed her to wear more or less what she wanted. I had turned my back for no less then 10 minutes for the toilet and saw some guy in his late/mid twenty’s to be what looked like groping and talking with her, for some reason i just frozen and didn’t move or say anything, I just watched from a distance… not sure why i did that or what would have happened.

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  • That stuff happens at concerts, races, etc.. I'm not a huge race fan, but went to one with my hot older sister, who was into it. Like most women there, she was dressed comfy-sexy, showing a lot of skin, jeans shorts, bikini top (it was a notably hot and humid weekend), and the beer was flowing. She'd walk five feet away from me in the infield or promo area, and guys would just be all over her, touching, feeling, groping her, and chatting her up. Not only did I know I couldn't do anything about it, I did it to a few women, including her, and had fun with it.. She didn't mind my hands on her.

  • Hmm, so your Family Reunion was a success?

  • Its happens don't worry to much.

  • Wearing?

  • What?

  • Because you're a pervert. And instead of protecting her, you decided you to watch. Way to be a man.

  • Why you commenting on own post?

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