Neighbour's daughter

Our neighbour's daughter is 16. She is very cute and a great personality. A bit of baby fat on her but still attractive.

The other day I came home from work and knew the family was out doing after school activities with the kids. I took off my work clothes and was planning to eat dinner in my underwear while watching TV. About 2 mins after I'm sitting in my living room, the neighbour's daughter (let's call her "Stacey") walks in through the backdoor in a bikini!! My wife told her that she and her friend could use the pool but neglected to tell me. Both embarrassed, we apologised profusely to each other. I got dressed and went back downstairs and she was at the front door getting ready to leave with her friend. I again apologised and she said don't worry about it.

About 5 mins later she comes back in. Still wearing the bikini with a cover up (I'm now in shorts and a t-shirt). She asks if she can stay a bit since her parents wouldn't be home for an hour and she didn't like to be home alone. In my head I thought "No f***** way" but I said yes. She sits on the couch beside me and starts watching TV (football game that I had PVR'd). At this point I am nervous having this girl in my house this close to me. Her hair and some of her skin is still wet and I can see her nipples hard through her cover up since she is cold. I am not even thinking about what my wife would say if she came home early!!

Stacey then complains she's cold and I get up to get her a blanket. While I don't have a raging h******, I"m not soft either and as I come back to the couch I see her looking at it. Once again, my mind is telling me "tell her to leave" but of course I don't. As she puts the blanket on, her hand bumps into my arm and she says "oh my gosh, you are soooo warm" and proceeds to put both her hands on my arm. I tell her "don't worry the blanket will keep you warm" and I try to pull away. She doesn't move her hands and immediately moves one of her hands onto my chest and then stomach. My heart is racing a mile a minute and I when I look over she is looking at me and then goes towards my d***. She starts to play with my b**** and I say "you should stop". This seems to ignite her and she gets on top of me and starts kissing my cheek and biting my ear. I have no idea where a 16 y/o learned to do that but holy h*** what a turn on.

I want to stop but I just can't. Between her skin being so soft, her hard nipples and nice body and the fact that it is so taboo I just can't bring myself to stop even though I'm telling her multiple times "you should stop". She then starts grinding her crotch against my super hard c*** and I help by grabbing her ass. I then pull down her bikini top and start sucking her t***. They are perky and amazing. She is moaning really loud and getting me even more turned on. She starts to try to maneuver her p**** onto my c***. I come to my sense and I take her off of me and tell her that's enough and she needs to leave.

I walk with a raging h****** to the front door. She comes over and asks for a hug. I give her a hug and then she says "I"ll leave but you have to kiss me deeply one time, eyes closed and everything." I agree. I stand there and close my eyes and she leans down and puts my d*** in her mouth. This time I can't stop her because I am so f***** h**** from what happened on the couch! I am at the front door and this girl is on her knees sucking my c*** and the view is amazing. After about 30 seconds I can't take it anymore and tell her I'm going to c**. She keeps going and I must have shot a huge first shot because she starts to gag but keeps going. Now there is c** in her mouth, down her neck and on the floor.

I finish and she actually thanks me! I tell her she needs to get home and we can talk later. I have to admit that I am pretty nervous about what comes next (i.e. is she going to blackmail me? Tell my wife?). This was 3 days ago and I haven't heard anything from her.


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  • You said "no" and she just kept going? Dude, you've been raped.

  • She's looking for an experienced man and she thinks it's you. If you deny she'll find another man to go give it ask to him. Your choice. If I were you, I'd take good care of the baby girl

  • You might as well f*** her now (assuming it's legal)

  • Better stop or the cops will be knocking... if you are lucky. Might have a dad show up to kill you.

  • Pin her down buddy... very few get as lucky as you. Have her to your full. Don't get her pregnant. Either put her in pills or pull out each time and put it in her mouth before you let your cane juice out! Have fun.

  • You are in trouble my friend, all for a moment of pleasure... you will be forever be in debted to the girl and wondering when the cops will come a-knocking...

    But bravo though... my neighbors daughters who are sexy are 17 and 13 and I fantasize about them but never acted upon... there is a difference!

  • She needs to have her p**** eaten now

  • O my god. Please tell me if she comes bck for more. Wow

  • Stop worrying next time s**** the ass off the s*** and eat her 4 hours

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