We know all about it

Your Dad and I let you go camping that weekend with your friends, because we thought you could handle yourself responsibly. Well, Pam's mother told us what went down. Her daughter spilled the beans.

So you spent the weekend drinking and having s**? Did you really let two guys f*** you? And evidently you smoke cigarettes now too. Your Dad and I are extremely disappointed in you. You are in college now, so whatever, but that is not the way we raised you to act. We tried to raise you with good morals, but what did you do? You completely went the other way. We feel devastated.


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  • Superslut.

  • Mistake like what? She triped and fell on two c**** at the same time! Haha! Admit it kid, ur daughter is a w**** whos probably getting her p**** pounded by some c*** and another in her mouth and shes gona swallow all the c**. U raised a b**** ;)

  • Teens should be challenged, supervised, kept busy. Never ever ever alone one on one ever.

  • Not every teenager is the same. Treat individuals, as individuals. Don't label all teenagers, as the same. Everyone is different, regardless if they're a child, teenager and an adult.
    Making mistakes is human nature.

  • I get the concern. Our son went to an overnight beach party once, and we didn't think anything of it, until weeks later we got a call from a mother of one of the girls who was at the party saying her daughter was pregnant. Well, it turned out our son was the sperm donor. We raised him to be better than that, but even teenagers who are 18-19 don't always demonstrate the best judgment.

  • Adults don't always demonstrate, the best judgements either!! Everyone regardless of age, implement lack of judgement and make mistakes, at times in their lives. So get of your pedestal, you aren't superior and any different!

  • Some people wonder why we have our 17yo daughter babysat. This reinforces why girls should be 100% supervised all the time until they are married.

  • No it doesn't!! Each individual girl of 17 years, are different. When I was 17, I was attending parties unsupervised and having clean fun. I didn't have s** with anyone and I didn't drink alcohol. Even if I wanted to have s** at that age, I certainly wouldn't have, had s** with random guys.It would've been with,someone I was in a relationship with and cared about enough, to trust them with that sort of intimacy. At 17, I was attending College, supporting myself financially and lived independently in a flat :) I also remained a virgin until 24 years old and that was to someone I was in a serious relationship with. We're still together now and I'm now 32 years old.

  • Can't believe that some of the people here think that the OP is being out of line. Some parents simply have strong Christian values and get upset if their children are engaging in debauchery. I can respect her viewpoint.

  • ^ ditto ^

  • Young wants c*** natural grow up

  • Not all young people want c***, you ignorant and presumptuous fool!!!

  • Chastity belt

  • Self-restraint, control, self respect, having morals and values. Also not adhering to, peer pressure. Self defense skills aswell, incase a girl is being forced to have s**.

  • You came on here to spew this drivel? Your daughter is an adult now. Her body is hers to do with as she pleases. Maybe you don't remember sexx? It's fun and it feels good! I hope she's being safe but otherwise I just hope she's having fun. Prude.

  • Yeah, real good parenting, shaming a legal adult, (your child)?, for her s** life on a website no less

  • Oh bish bosh! let her do what ahe wants, experement and enjoy life, shes obviously in her late teens and im sorry but that stuff happens alot, its doesnt mean shes guna turn into a crack w****, a druggy, a bum! if youve raised her right all that will shine thru when it matters not on a weekend away!

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