I hate my family, serious suicide thoughts.

Hey, Im 17 and I just need to say some stuff and hope I feel better. I hate my entire bloodline and have had thoughts of suicide cause I just hate my family so much and they put so much pressure on me and never EVER keep their promises. They never have time for me and my dad doesn't work cause of an accident and now all he does is sleep sleep sleep and cause he aint doing f****** s*** he always stresses and f****** yells at me for no f****** reason. Sometimes I just wanna f****** punch him in the f****** face. And don't get me started on my mom. She makes around 10 promises a day and doesn't even keep 0,1 of the promise. She always cancels on me on plans or plans something else and says Not today or some f****** bullshit. My big brother is just a f****** fucktard that does steroids and yells and punches me when he has problems with his girlfriend. Today just hit the peek limit I cried all day and literally was this close || to suicide. They finally after years promised to get me a motorcycle with my money I gave them. They said we will go at f****** 3pm but f****** r***** f*** family went out the house at 6pm and guess what.. the motorcycle was sold 10 minutes before we arrived. this p***** me off so much that I just f****** wanted to yell so much at my parents my blood was literally boiling. When we arrived back at home she saw me being "sad" and said why you look like that, like your parents died. I wanted to say ''My parents just did die for me" So f****** bad. Its all their f****** c*** fault for never keeping their promise and They never trew or gave me anything for my birthday and im f****** 17. I wanna move out so bad when im 18 if I have a job, get a motorcycle and just f****** flick my family off every time I See them. I'm ashamed to be part of this bloodline and want to change my name later in life. And guess what their excuse was after the motorcycle was sold. Its gods doing, he didn't want you to drive that bike It was probably defect or you would have died on it. I DON'T F****** BELIEVE IN GOD YOU FUCKTARD. My family is a Muslim. But I don't believe in Allah cause that's some serious bullshit, god doesn't m************ exist for me. And if he did, he left us a long time ago. To keep my temper I goto the gym and let all my anger out there this also helps me from suicide.


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  • I know how you feel I channel that angry and started to read sometimes our parents aren't fully developed and we being raised in the country need to understand they need to learn a lot more then they think your blessed your young you have your whole life ahead of you remember each day that goes by do something that makes you happy and your brother ignore him he's a b**** for hitting you why he's taking out his anger on you cause he not man enough to control his relationship l**** your motivation in getting a head is to not be like that be better than them be that family member that elevated your last name to great heights God bless my brother I will pray for you tho - The Stranger

  • No sympathy here. Grow the f*** up loser.

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