Shes cheating on me and im just ignoring it

I didnt know to pit this is s** section or relationship section but i will just say anyway, basicly me and my gf been together 7 years now, live in a one bedroom house, good jobs and thought we were happy and fine, s** was always amazing till it died off about a 6 months ago, we talked about it and she promiced me nothing was wrong and that she had gone off s** for awhile, flashforward 2 months ago or so, her s** drive shot straight up through the roof, we were doing it again, twice sometimes 3 times a day, i didnt complain, i relished it, the quility was even getting better, loads more foreplay and she seemed very adventurious, trying all sorts posistion, dressing up for me, even letting me in a part of her body she never did before and she really enjoyed it, i thought this was great!
until one day i came home early from work to surprise her (for some action) opened the front door all sneakly and quiet and bu the time i got to the stairs i could hear it, i crept upstairs (and i dont know why i never confronted them) and peered through my bedroom door to see my girlfriend with a man between her legs, f****** her hard in a violent manner and her moans and groans of joy, i stood and watched through the gap of the door and saw the stockings and heels she was wearing (i had origanal thought she brought for my enjoyment) wave around franticly in the air, i crept back out and went for a drive, i admit i cryed alot and came back home normal time to confront her but i couldnt, she jumped me as soon as i got throughthe door and i f***** her as hard as i could out of competitivness to the other man,
anyway that was about a month ago, since then i have set up 2 secret cameras in the bedroom and 1 in the living room, origanly again to confront her but now it has turned into a fetish,
in the last few weeks i have learnt that this is not an affair with one man, rather several men, i have now seen her have s** with 5 diffrent men some come back, some dont, one was with two guys at the same time,
im hurt, insulted, disgusted, but so turned on, and confussed! its like i never want to confront her, our s** life is just getting better and better, i copy what they do and she loves it,

Sep 30, 2016

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  • You would let s** keep you with someone thats cheating on you. She got you on a collar you little bich

  • What does she wear when ahe f**** other men?

  • Ur not giving her what she wants r u big enough repeat enough giv lots of head r mayb she likes to make a fool of u

  • She needed much more than what you could offer. She sure has a very high s** drive.

  • What is wrong with you?
    If you are in a relation, it is the murder of that.

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