i hate her

my best friend has slept with the pats seven guys i have gone out with and i hate her more than i have ever hated anything in the world.
i went to a part two nights ago and i got hit on, i did not realize what that felt like because it hasn't happened in over three years because of her.

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  • She's not your friend.

  • okay, yeeeeeaaaaaaaah
    you need a new friend.
    but also, that says a lot about the guys you choose.

  • Really. Did you need to come to this website to figure out what to do? If you are too stupid to realize, then honey, you deserve a friend like that! Besides, any guy that would do that to you isn;t worht your time anyway!

  • Cut right to the chase and invite her into a threesome.

  • Lol stop being her friend then............duuuh

  • your friend seems really nice

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