My neighbor just got s brand new pickup truck Ford F-150 it's red. My car is a Chrysler 2016 300s I noticed a few red scuffs on my car he's been hitting my car and scratching I caught him yesterday what do I do . By November I move out out of this town. I just got my car not too long ago I daily place a car over but sometimes when I'm up and down I don't place it until night time. He parks his truck close to the line so there's no way a passenger can get into my car he started doing it so did I. it's kind of annoying because I'm working to pay the car. reason I'm moving is I'm purchasing a house. His brother also has a ford and he used to always extend the door far out and white scuffs are left on my car. He lives in a one bedroom with about 4 people in there his wife daughter and his brother with the white truck. It's annoying because he's just so problematic. ny plan is to key his red new truck he got no so long ago before I leave any other things I can do to this a******* truck who just laughs about it when I stand on my balcony and watch him. Now get this he's a small dude Mexican I think. I'm 6'2 buff dude. But I can sure get I'm a scare.

Oct 1, 2016

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  • Geez, no regard at all! Doesn't your neighbor know how much time and money you'll have to spend on that pos Chrysler in the shop all the time on your own without his help?

  • I hate black people

  • Key words it all around

  • Skee his whole truck all on the handles

  • Video. You need evidence.

  • Just before you leave, you could get up in the middle of the night and stuff small lengths of metal into the keyholes of his car.

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