Does everybody cheat?

I may be old fashioned. Im currently in a relationship. Im 30 and this is my 3rd boyfriend. My first boyfriend was mentally abusive. I don't talk about him. Was a long time ago. I'm over it. 2nd boyfriend cheated constantly so we broke up. I stayed on my own for a while. I was not one of these girls that feels like I have to have to have a bf. Then along came my current bf. After much wooing, he finally won me over and I decided to give him a chance. Everything was ok till I discovered he had been upto no good whilst he was a taxi driver with his customers. Nothing physical happened but he was hitting on girls etc.
We have dealt with it but I cant get it out of my head. I've spoken to people about it and they say to basically just get over it like it's a normal thing. Like im supposed to just accept this? Im being treated like im wrong to expect loyalty in a relationship. Is being faithful a thing of the past?

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  • The sad reality is that as we move further into the technology age we are being exposed to so much more. It's also led to a rise in trends and we often glamourise the wrong things. Seems like this live fast and die young kind of mentality is being breeded worldwide so no one sees the value in being morally good. It's the baddest and most outrageous who gain most publicity and we seem to think that's the way to go. As s** gets easier in this day and age love gets harder

  • I agree

  • Being faithful has never existed, so get used to it. Both men and women have always cheated throughout history and cheating was always accepted and dealt with for the sake of the children and in the eyes of God. The only difference is that now women have the legal right to file for divorce, and collect a cash reward, if the guy doesn't stay faithful and even if she isn't putting out. The free government money racquet is breaking up our families............

  • I don't agree with your opinion. It's not factual! :-) I've always been faithful,
    to whomever I've dated. I'm lucky, my current partner of eight years, has the most beautiful soul, I've ever encountered. He's extremely loyal!

  • The married man I am having an affair with actually seems like the type of man you could NEVER imagine cheating, but his s** life is unsatisfactory even after trying to work on it, his wife's health is not great, they've been together a long time and it's all become very routine, his job is very stressful, his home life is kind of stressful too...I am his outlet. He's not leaving his wife though, nor do I expect or want him to. His wife is blissfully unaware, and reaping the benefits of a more relaxed husband. Unfortunately, I think the reality is that the expected marriage model is just too rigid and is becoming antiquated. And one type of marriage doesn't fit all. We, as a society, need to look at marriage outside the box I think.

  • Ugh. You're the reason I hate humanity...

  • This is very good. Women and men are SUPPOSED to take care of each other. Too often, that doesn't happen, and it is very hurtful. People need the healing that intimacy gives. It seems to me to be profoundly selfish to expect someone to live a wretched existence because one party can't bother to care for the other. Why WOULDN'T you want a person for whom you care to be cared for well?

    Instead of being angry at the other man/woman, perhaps some gratitude might be in order.

  • Women and men aren't obligated, to do s*** for each other!!
    What a crock!!

  • I think you're right. Both sides need to give, and take care of each other. And if one party can't or won't there needs to be some give somewhere. How can a man or woman be expected to live out the rest of their life without touch and intimacy, or with very little?

  • Everyone is different. You can have exceptional intimacy with an individual in a relationship, without sexual intimacy. There's different forms of intimacy and not everyone seems sexual intimacy as the "bee's and knees!" I personally don't and neither does my partner. We are very affectionate towards each other and cuddle, kiss and other things. But hey, that's our personal preference. We occasionally make love and when we do, it's extremely satisfying. We aren't at it like rabbits, but we don't feel the need to. Our relationship dynamics, work for us. However, I'm aware everyone is different.

  • I feel ur pain, yes everyone cheats especially men. They don't value marriage like women do and it hurts. They even blame us for it.

  • Lol. Women are just as bad a men. Humanity itself is vile and repugnant.

  • Not every man does. We all have the potential to cheat, regardless of gender. But it's upto the individual, whether they choose to cheat or not. We all have free will and choices. Everyone is different.

  • It's sad, but yes......modern relationships are in a shambles because fidelity is in a shambles. No one is willing to accept personal responsibility for their actions anymore, nor willing to hold someone else in higher esteem than they hold themselves. People have become FAR more self-centered and self-seeking. You shouldn't have to accept that, but it has become a fact.

  • Don't speak for everyone, as you don't know everyone in this world. You can only refer to your own experiences. I respect your opinion, but don't agree with it. Remember, it's an "opinion" and not based on "factual evidence!"

  • You shouldn't accept it. I've been married 22 years, and yeah, I know my husband looks at p***, jerks off to that stuff, and whatever. But he doesn't seek out real women or act inappropriately at work. He is committed to me. That is not an unreasonable request in a relationship.

  • Yes it is unreasonable the whole thing is

  • Why is it unreasonable, to expect your partners in a relationship to be faithful, if you're also being faithful? Not unless you're within a consenting open relationship.
    If my partner cheated on me, I'd do the same to them, then dump their ass! They'd feel it then

  • Thank you. This gives me hope

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