People are freaks

I work in a specialized field as a disaster restoration technician, When I entered this field of work out of neccessity being laid off from my regular job I never expected to end up doing it as a career, I just thought it would be a fill in but as time passed my boss kept offering me advancement opportunities and I took them to where I am now the team lead of an entire division. Thriugh my career I started as a labourer working in the warehouse which was where I became aware of a certain thing that a lot of people do in the privacy of their own homes that most of the world would never see but when you deal in the industry I do everything is laid on the table, Literally.
When you have a fire or flood in your house the entirety of your home is affected, No matter how small you may think the situation is when we come in the house gets gutted, Top to bottom, Every piece of furniture comes out. If you think about it with fire the smoke gets everywhere, We have dealt with small kitchen fires to complete burn downs and that smoke will get into everything you wouldn't expect, We have to do a full removal because if we leave one thing in the house that smells of smoke the entire place will smell like that when we are done. same with water of any sort, Flood, Sewer backups that moisture and increased humidity is a killer and can creat mold where you would least expect so we remove everything and do a complete clean and rebuild of the entire place from the walls to the duct work, Everything gets done.
So now to the warehouse, I was 22 when I began and the warehouse is a labor intensive job with long days and even some nights if a job is time sensitive, You document and inventory EVERY item, 203 socks, 4 stuffed toys, 1 large black d!ldo, You get the picture. At first I was surprised at the number of s** toys that we found, Almost every job you find at least one and yeah, We are human so we laugh and joke about it and honestly some that you find are a bit of a shock, In the beginning I never thought about the countless number of VHS tapes we went through (dating myself here a bit), Usually we inventoried them as "blank VHS tape" because that is what the insurance company would give you back or credit you for until one late afternoon.
I was somewhere around 23 and still in the warehouse and I was doing some cleaning, I was the...Supervisor I guess of a crew of 3 girls who's job was to wipe every item down, Inventory it and I boxed them up, Labeled them and organized the warehouse which had thousands of boxes in it stacked to the rafters in places on pallet racking. So me and the three girls are at the warehouse, All the crews were at a large job just over an hour away and we got to the bedroom furniture and stuff from the last job, They open a moving box and the one girl says "Oh good lord" which of course made everyone look over in anticipation, She reached her gloved hand in and pulled out a d!ldo, A bit of an impressive one too.
So after some joking and a few sword fights with the others found in the box (3 if I remember correctly) then she dug to the bottom of the box and pulled out a VHS labled "HSM", Had it not been labled at all it would have just gotten wiped down and put in the pile but...Everyone speculated on what "HSM" was and being human and curious it wasn't long before we had a tv and VCR set up, We nervously put the tape in and rewound it right away. Well...I had met the "Lady of the house", She was an attractive lady, Tall, Well built and stacked and there she was sitting on her couch in a sexy dress. Long story short she str!pped down and we all sat watching in awe not saying a word as she proceeded to suck an impressive sized d!ck and then got fuc&ed, Some nervous laughter and some legs being crossed and uncrossed from side to side and after 3 more scenes of her everyone quickly decided to head home, Two of the girls traveled together so they left, I was locking up and just as I got to the front door I was greeted by the third girl. Not the best looking of the group but long blonde hair and big t!ts so I nailed her on the desk in the warehouse and it was never spoken of again.
Now, More recently it has become the norm that people keep this stuff on computers which are all password protected and whatever but...It has always amazed me how many people keep passwords written down and hidden in a drawer or dayplanner etc. I had never worked on a project of anyone I knew, I always kind of expected to but just never did but We recently started a job on a house belonging to a girl I went to school with, their basement flooded due to a huge storm and when I got there the water was 3 steps down from the main floor. Moisture had already started to warp any wood in the house and it was a huge disaster, The water did receed on its own after two days which was a big help but the home owners had to move out. Back in school she was one of the hottest girls ever, Now looking at the family pictures she is a bit chunky but her face is still very pretty, She has three daughters that from the pictures look exactly like she did in school.
The twins, 16 from what I could tell sleep downstairs and wear nothing but short shorts, Thongs and 34 C bras, One has an affinity for black d!cks and her laptop search history fully unprotected is full of black stuff and naked selfies, The other is considerably more modest and the only things we found on her laptop were a few naked selies and some search history of girl on girl but mostly just regular stuff, The other is only 14 and it's sad but even at 14 she has naked pics of herself on her computer and then mom, Oh my goodness mom. 3 d!ldos, Lube, Condoms, N!pple clamps, Pictures, Videos and a "Tickle trunk" to store it all.
Only me and one of the girls still work there and we have not involved anyone else in our debauchery but we usually stay a bit later and put any of that sort of stuff aside until everyone else is gone home then we go through it in my office and do stuff while we watch it so...No one knew that I knew this girl or had gone to school with her and we never seen each other face to face but the girl I work with broke out the moms laptop, She is a shorter girl, Brunette and average built and so fun to ban&, She held the computer and said "Bets?". I said "Well, I went to school with her and she was a good girl so at home...Who knows". We fired it up and it was password protected so the search began, She started rifling through boxes and I started trying to see if I could figure it out.
She kept asking me stuff about whether I had a crush on her in school and so on and I did, She was sooo hot, Tiny, Brunette and beautiful with a rocking bod. Finally I blurted out "Got it", So sneaky (Password101), she came and sat on my lap as we started the search, Over 8,000 family pictures from the last 20 years and as we scrolled through she said "Holy, She was a hottie" then she had kids and gained some weight but nothing in my pictures that was too interesting, but in a file named Becca was the good stuff, Sorry Becca but we watched it all, Bikini pics from years gone by, Topless pics, Full nude pics and masturbation pics, By the time we made it through the pictures Emma had my pants at my ankles and was sitting on my c*** grinding, She searched some more files and BAM found the good stuff.
Her and her husband have been together forever and had 3 hours of videos, Everything from role playing to dress up to full on s3x videos, Showers, Solo for both of them, and then my personal fav...They had the camera set up behind her and low aimed up, She leans over the bed and had her chubby little a$$ right front and center as he adjusted the camera, Beautiful little pu$$y, Chubby a$$ but a little pink bu++ hole, Her husband starts by rubbing and licking her making sure the camera can see it all, He is a taller guy so he squats down and hammers it into her and you can hear her moan, Watching her lips stretch and pull as he hammered in and out was pretty hot and then he pulled out and stands up and he had his thumb in her a$$, He leans down and starts licking her a$$hole and Emma looks back at me wide eyed and says "I literally felt your d!ck get harder", I grabbed her hips and pushed mine forward and Emma grunted.
Beccas husband took his position behind her and in her squeaky scared voice she said "Gentle, seriously, F****** gentle or this will never happen again" We stared as he pulled out his thumb and started trying to fit his c*** in, she tried spreading her legs, Closing her legs, Crossing her ankles and finally put one knee up on the bed which I don't hink would be the best for a beginner but definitely gave us the best view as he lubed her up and began. With every inch she whimpered and whined "Oh..Slow...Stop...It hurts...I don't like it..." and finally he was in, He went slow and she whimpered the whole time reaching back playing with her chubby little pu$$y and hating her life choices.
Didn't take long and he blew his load and she begged him to pull out, He didn't even have it all the way out and I hammered deep into Emma giving her my load as Beccas husband got her a towel, Becca turned around sitting up facing the camera and her husband sat behind her playing with her chuuby little b**** as Becca sat looking defeated with her mascarra running, Me and Emma downloaded Beccas videos and will be adding them to our growing collection and I am sure they will be favorites for a long time to come. Thanks Becca.

Mar 20, 2020

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