Wife confesses

My wife works for a large company and about 10 yrs ago when it was popular-ish they did a naked calander to raise money for a charity and 11 co-workers decided to do it my wife reluctantly decide to do it from a bit of peer pressure and for the good cause so a lot of the women from the offices did it and a few fellas from the factory,

They all did it on a weekend in the office while it was quite she was a bit nervous when she left that day which is only to be expected I guess, my wife is a very good looking woman tall blonde hair looks after self gym and Pilate and has many beauty treatments every week she was 28 yrs old then but looked about 20 yrs old, she was waiting to have her picture taken while the photographer was taking pics of some of her co- workers in different posses on desks draped on the spiral stairs some of the men lifting boxes in the warehouse while they were naked while covering there modesty.

So when my wife's turn the photographer asked her to strip naked to do some poses over the desk all sexy and draped over the photocopier she said she was very nervous as she's only been with 2 partners before me and felt a bit uncomfortable she had a bikini on and took off her top exposing her b****** but asked to leave her bottoms on as she was a little uncomfortable still, some of the other woman before my wife kept there knickers on and some went fully nude as did some of the men she said, after 10 mins of the photographer clicking away his camera to my wife doing various poses with her bikini bottoms on and her b**** exposed she said he kept saying it would be better to go fully nude as might be hard to airbrush her bikin bottoms, she said she was feeling really sexy and turned on by this youngish photographer snapping pics of my wife half exposed and she was getting wet between her legs eventually she agreed to take off her bikini bottoms to go fully nude and expose her shaven p**** to him she said it was a huge turn on him taking pics of her fully nude and she confessed to me that the camera man she could see was getting hard in his trousers so she ended up having full hard passionate animal s** with him tearing his clothes off and sucking his hard c*** while he played with her extremely wet p**** and then she couldn't take it any longer and wanted his big c*** inside her and she said it was fantastic how wet and turned on she was she said she came when she took her bikini bottoms off and he was taking pics of her and when he played with her wet p**** and c*** and finger f***** her she came second time and then when he f***** her over her office desk she came again and he came inside her, she said she was shaking after and exhausted by this experience she told me about this a year later and I get so turned on by this confession.

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  • Wow. She sounds hot. Seems everyone gets a turn with her if they have a f****** camera.

  • Love to f*** your sexy wife over a desk black male 26 London here

  • I'm wanking thinking of your wife been f***** over her desk

  • Amazing story love to see your wife getting taken like that over her office desk

  • Would love my wife to do something like that, she gets quite convinceable when h**** :D

  • Wow I am so jealous.

  • I'm hard just reading this

  • Wow

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