Don't get why husband wants vasectomy

My hubby and I got married when we were 34 and have a beautiful daughter who is 8. We're in our 40s now, and the time that I can have kids would be short, since I'm approaching menopause. We both do not want more kids.

Yet my husband told me that he wants a vasectomy. I don't get it at all, at our ages, and considering that I've been on the pill. I asked him point blank whether he was doing someone else, but he said no. So why the surgery? Well, he tells me that it is because he would feel better busting in me knowing that there will be 0% of pregnancy. I'm not sure I believe him. I suspect that there is someone else involved here.

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  • I am sorry but he is cheating on you. That is what my husband did, he got the surgery and seven months later I found out he had an online profile in a s** website. He was having s** with other women and apparently without protection. I divorced him.

  • Yes he hates condoms with his young s***

  • Everyone i know has had the snip. Apart from anything else it lets you go off the pill

  • Sorry, but he's gotta have someone on the side that he wants to bareback. This whole thing does not add up.

  • Cheating

  • He actually said "feel better busting in me".... charmer.

  • Grow up...

  • Plenty of men have vasectomies for a wide variety of reasons, chief among which is that -- statistically speaking -- the older the father at the conception of the child, the greater the likelihood that the child will be physically or mentally challenged, or even deformed in some way. (This wasn't known until relatively recent times.) I don't know what his real reason might be, but this medical decision alone isn't enough of an indicator that he's spraying his seed around town (there are plenty of less-invasive and less-permanent ways to limit a pregnancy risk). My guess is that you have seen other indications of his interest in other women, and this choice simply confirmed it in your mind. Do you have other reasons to suspect he's cheating on you? Lascivious glances at your girlfriends? Coming home late with no excuse, or a patently flimsy one? Unexplained credit card charges? Suspicious texts or calls on his phone? Stripper glitter on his clothes? P**** smell on his pants?

  • Oh get the fck over yourself. He just doesn't want to be a super old dad,and he wants to be able to finish in his wife. Listen, stupid - even though you're close to menopause you still have a ways to go, and even once it starts you can't be guaranteed no pregnancy right away, though the likelihood with be drastically less. It's not such a big deal. I don't think you have any good reason to believe he is having an affair.

  • He has a woman on the side and he doesn't want to get her pregnant.

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