Throbbing fetish

I'm a forty something married man who loves to suck c***. I'm not gay , I love p****. My wife and I have a robust s** life but I have always been the kind of person to do what I please. It started in my teens. I had a freind who was spending the night and as we were talking about girls he asked me to suck his d***. He said he would suck mine I did. It never confused me. I thought it was fun and it felt great. After all , none of my other freinds ever had b****** at that age. As that relationship continued for three years I naturally progressed toward girls and all fell into place. From teen years to my mid twenties I gravitated between f****** a lot of women and sucking the occasional c***. I never got into gay s** , only oral. I just love pleasuring a man. The feel of his hard c*** in my hand and mouth is intoxicating. And to know I have control over his pleasure and pain gets me off. But the one aspect of giving head that makes me c** is the feeling of that hot load squirting against my tounge and the throbbing that goes along with the release. If you've never let a man c** in your mouth then you have no idea about the mechanics of a male o******. As the p**** approaches climax it begins to leak pre c** rapidly. a massive amount of blood rushes into the c*** increasing its girth. Veins bulge more and the whole c*** begins to throb. The b**** are then pulled into the groin area readying the testicles to realease sperm. The c******* becomes engorged , the back slightly arches , the thigh and abdominal muscles contract. Then you feel it. At the base of the c*** the s**** begins to flow upward and you can feel each contraction of the prostate as the s**** travels up the shaft and out of the slit. The whole c*** throbs uncontrollably and its at that point that the man is completly helpless. The orgasmic process triggers the brain to realease a flood of chemicals that ignites intense sensations throughout every nerve ending. But for me it's about the throbbing and as soon as I feel the hot s**** squirting uncomtrolably against my tounge i c** intensely . You should try it some, besides c** tastes great.


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  • I love big c**** in my mouth.

  • are gay.

  • Course ur not gay hahaha

  • I'd love to throat f*** you with my big black c***.
    Douglas 32

  • Ur not gay im the emperior of china

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