Son has shamed our family

My husband and I let our son stay overnight at his friend's place last weekend. He's done it before, and we've had his friend over at our place too. Well, his friend's mother called me in the morning to tell me that she caught our son masturbating while he was at her place. She had checked on them to see if they were asleep yet, and that is when she found him.

I was so embarrassed about this that I could roll over and die. I thanked her for telling me, and apologized profusely for my son's behavior. I have given my son an earful about this, and have made him write an apology letter to his friend's parents. One of the problems in this fallout is my husband, who thinks I'm being way too strict about this. I don't think he gets it. Our son has totally brought shame on our family with his inappropriate behavior. I don't know if I can talk to his friend's parents again without them thinking that my husband and I have raised a little perv. The whole thing has me rattled to the core.

Oct 4, 2016

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  • Leave the kid alone. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just got caught. You know that you have done the same thing mom and don’t try to say that you never touched that p**** of yours. Or pulled on those nipples. It is human nature to m*********. The mother that caught him is probably doing the same thing when she is alone. How could you be so stupid and punish your son for doing something that all boys do. Ask your husband.

  • You are lucky that he wasn’t master bating the other kid.

  • Boys need to be protected from themselves and this weakness. For our son we make sure there is always a night light on and his door open. In the toilet and the shower the door is always open. We do not allow him any privacy so he always knows we will be watching him. He does his homework at the table in the dining room so we can watch him. It's just that asa parent you have to be vigilent and put in the effort to support him in this time of struggle.

  • 1. Mastubating at young age is NOTHING NEW OR STRANGE.
    2. Who gives a s*** about what people think about you or your family. The greatest fear that people live under the fear of what other people think. today they say one thing tomorrow theyll say another.

  • You are a pedo trying to walk in on ur kid jerkin it maybe u should be in prison

  • Ok, maybe he didn't choose an appropriate time or place for some self love time, but all he did was make a mistake. He didn't shame your family. GET OVER YOURSELF. Their kid does this too. ALL KIDS DO THIS. It's normal, healthy and ok! You apologized and so did your son. It's done and over. I have to say the other mom was a bit of a c*nt. Why was she up in there checking on them clearly without knocking? And why even tell you? Why not just ask him to refrain from such behavior while visiting, and leave it at that. Stupid cows.

  • Nope. I did not do it and we certainly don't let our son.

  • Liar

  • Whatever.

  • Of course your son's friend never chokes the chicken. NEVER. Did anyone think to ask her HOW she accomplished this?

  • We totally do not allow our son to m*********. I know it's hard. My wife and I agreed that we should abstain from s** and so I know how hard it is to stay abstinant.

  • Yeah right

  • How stupid.

  • I think you handled the situation well. I wouldn't worry much about what the other kid's parents might think--don't be embarrassed. It was just a "parenting moment." It is important that parents are aware of and address inappropriate behavior.

  • Wow, so you monkeys are stuck in the Dark Ages, huh? How's that flat earth?

  • I don't know where all these idiots below came from or were raised, but you are exactly correct, and you did precisely the right thing in response to the situation. Your son needs help or the situation is going to become worse. Think of the places he might eventually become comfortable engaging in this "normal behavior", and in the process, render himself an outcast and unemployable. Yes, masturbation is "normal", but WHERE it occurs matters. Taking a dump is normal, but we do it in appropriate places. You were right, regardless of what these fools think.

  • What redneck fundy hick cult do you belong to moron?

  • Masturbation may be 'normal' but that does not mean it is needed. It is just weakness.

  • Keep pretending that to the same as working out u use it or lose it

  • Your mind is weak. What a religious bigot. Loser.

  • Get real. Did all your mother,s children live? Kids j******* at a friends house all the damn time. The damn woman shouldn't have been snooping.

  • ^ so much this. But also you're a******* (you and the other mom)

  • Your husband is right. You are sooooooooo wrong. You shouldn't shame him for a normal behavior.

  • Shame? Personally I say you're laying it on thick. Anyway you've already disciplined him for it by giving him an earful and made him write an apology. What more do you want? Maybe you can ask the guy who posts confessions every other week about how he hates baby boys.

  • Kids do this all the time. You and his friend's parents are overreacting. Acting the way you and the other woman did could cause emotional problems later in your son's life.

    Get real, lighten up.

  • Exactly!

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