Should put their d*** In Sarah palins mouth soo shell finally shut the f***'s not like she'll lose any brain cells from lack of air because she doesn't have any in the first place

Oct 5, 2016

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  • Are you offering? If you have a d***, use it

  • What a sexy sexy b****!!! yeah sign me up today!!!

  • Wouldn't stop with just the mouth. I'd take her round the world. It would be my honor. I hate her politics, but I would love to s*** that rag.......repeatedly.

  • I would love to do that broad. Damn, she's fine.

  • I think a lot of guys have done this.

  • I think ^he's^ right, but I'll certainly volunteer for that duty. She's dumb as dirt, but I'd stick mine in that mouth. Any time.

  • Maybe she has standards!! You men assume, because you a have c***, that every woman or man is going to be gagging for a piece!!
    I think not!! Some women and men have standards, you presumptuous arses!!

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