I am not gay alright.

I woke up that day to a dream that i was kissing my classmate (we are both guys and none of us is gay) it got stuck in my mind for a while and for the next few weeks I could never look at him without feeling like throwing up. I was DISGUSTED with myself and the dream hasn't escaped my memory yet like wtf did I ever do to you brain how could you do this to me I thought we were friends *sob* *sob*.

Anyway the dream itself went something like this:

Me and him are sitting in a bench in school talking about random s*** (in my dreams the dialog is usually random and unconnected) when he suddenly kisses me on the lips. I quickly pull back but without saying a word he kisses again and this time i kiss him back (eww) and when he pulls back all he says is "How could someone be thinking of someone else so much without the other one knowing it" and I nod. and then that's when I wake up barly realising what I just dreamed of.

i just felt disgusted writing this.

PS: At least it wasn't a wet dream (ughh)

Oct 7, 2016

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  • Can you recall what emotions you were experiencing in your dream, during the kiss? And how did you feel, after it?

  • Only way to know for sure if yr gay is to stick yr d*** in yr freinds a****** n see if u both like it.

  • You make me sick

  • I actually had a nightmare about my now-deceased stepfather being sick old and naked sitting on a chair somewhere. It disgusted me too but in the light of day it no longer bothers me.

  • Ughh now that you've said that a gay kiss doesn't sound that disgusting.

  • Consider the dream a nightmare. Our brains give us nightmares so that we can avoid what frightens us and disgusts us. Your brain was telling you not to do gay s** because you aren't gay.

  • I have

  • There's nothing wrong with those kinds of feelings, or dreams, man. Whether you are or are not gay is irrelevant, there's simply nothing wrong with it. Just a strange dream if you're not gay, and if you are gay, perhaps a bit of affection your brain doesn't know what to do with, that happens to be directed at a friend. I wouldn't fret over it, man, it means nothing, in the end. If you wanted to kiss your friend for real, or if he wanted to kiss you, that would mean something, perhaps, but not as a dream. For example, I have dreams that involve me being a serial killer, or a soldier in a war, or an assassin. But in real life, I have no desire to do harm unto others, and am not a very violent guy. So, the dreams mean nothing. Just a dream. The same applies to you, here. You had a dream involving a form of homosexual activity, but in reality, have no desire to participate in such activity.

  • First of all I don't like that you used the word feelings IT WAS JUST A DREAM MY MIND IS PLAYING WITH ME. and secondly I would like point out that he isn't my friend just my classmates and we barely know each other. anywayway it has been a few months since I had the dream and I got over it and that's the only reason I could get myself to writing this post.

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