My sister’s friend

My sister has this one friend she usually hangs out with and let’s just say he’s hot. One night while my sister was at work he came over to the house. My sister texted me and said he was going to take me for a little because she wanted someone to make up for the time she lost during work. Ask he took me dancing then to eat and on our way home we found our way up on to an abandon road beside the city. We stayed there talking for a little then things got hot. We started kissing and touching everywhere. I took my buckle off and straddled him as our kisses deepened. He left wet hot kisses down my neck leaving his mark subtly. I took off his jacket as he felt his way up my shirt. We started grinding together as i softly moaned. He moved my panties to the side and slowly started to rub my wet slit as i unbuttoned his shirt. My c*** was on fire and he slid two fingers in making me reach an o*****, but it didn’t stop there. I went back to the passenger seat and got on my knees and gave one of the biggest c**** i’ve seen the pleasure of it’s life. It was so hot as he bobbed my head up and down and cussed my name. After he came he put on condom and took my virginity. It was painful at first but it felt like heaven. Feeling his c*** rub the inside of my walls pounding me as i screamed his name. We kissed, i pulled his hair, we moaned and we came. That was one night i definitely will not forget.

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