feeling guilty!?

so i know that one of my friends is rather depressed by me.. cos he works hard at school, does every exercises, past papers available, does well academically,
while me, hardly go to school (except exams), study on the day before exam, constantly partying, but always score more or less the same with him.. (i'm not saying i'm particularly clever or what, just somehow gifted at things academic)

he's good friend of mine and i know i'm the source of his depression.. no way i will stop studying for exams and stuff.. but i'm always feeling guilty for this.. what the h*** i can do!?

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  • You're not that gifted hunny.
    I can tell by your exceedingly poor grammatical skills and lack of proper punctuation.
    You probably have NOTHING to do with it, you're just incredibly self centered.

  • I know what you mean......you just both need to accept that you are naturally intelligent. Sorry.

  • kkkk f** alerts are really lame
    and getting old

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