When I was in college before my final exams I was not well prepared and I wanted to pass in my exams. I tried prayer and going to churches.
Since I wanted to pass at any cost so I though the devil would help me pass and I said that I want to sell my soul to the devil. I do not know how that works by saying something like that. I feel guilty for that as I have done a silly thing and I wouldn't have said it. But that too did not help me, it only makes me feel miserable.
This bother me when studying even now and I am not able to concentrate on my studies and I haven't been able to appear for my exam for this reason.

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  • good thing there's no devil.

  • you realise you deemed yourself to h***? jesus id forgiving and loving. if you ask him to live in your heart and you ask for sincere forgiveness all will be erased. god works on his time not YOURS! be patient! he hears you answers you when the time is right. god said the only unforgivable sin is to deny him and say there is no god. he knows your heart and he WILL forgive you if your sorry. he says that he has called your name and you belong to him and hes paid a hefty price for you of crush and seba (back then that was a lot) you can only deny my father so many times before he is no longing forgiving

  • I'll be around to collect your soul soon.

  • Don't worry; I sold my body, not my soul, for real, not in prayers. I did it more than once, more or less to make ends meet. It wored out pretty well, and now I almost forgot I ever did that. You'll be just fine.

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