Adult friendship fail

When you're not a school, its extremely hard to make friends as a lady. most guys you try to speak with just wanna know if your P is open for business.

this guy knows i am married, he has a long term woman, but still wanted to be in my space and i was starved for attention with my SO being out of town for some long. so i used him (no touching or anything, i used him as company) ..he probably knew idid this. and its probably weird now, he isn't responding to my messages askin how he is. i wonder if he lies awake, next to his girlfriend, thinking about me haha. I hope so, cause i'm a b****** and don't actually care.

but he needs some crazy girl on his d*** asap, poor sucker

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  • Maybe its all fair in love and war. The phrase that comes to mind is men give love to get s**. Women give s** to get love.

    You said you wanted atention (read love), he wanted s**. Textbook relationship.

  • Yeah i guess you're right

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