In love with friend...

I'm currently in a relationship but I'm in love with another girl. They are both friends and I am good friends with this girl's boyfriend. There is nothing good about this situation but I can't take my mind off of her. She's perfect for me and far better than my girlfriend. Her boyfriend is a great guy and that makes it even worse. He and I are close and I don't want to lose him as a friend. I don't know how this could ever work out in a positive way. I'll probably just suppress my feelings and continue living in pain every time I see her (which is often). That way no one's feelings will get hurt, no relationships will be destroyed, and no one will feel uncomfortable. I know this probably isn't the most exciting thing you'll hear on this site, but I can promise it's very real. I've never met a girl more perfect for me than this girl. She's everything I could ever ask for.

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  • Break up with your girlfriend. Let her find someone that will actually appreciate her.

  • Which one?

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