I sucked my boss at a party and now can't stop

We where all out of town for a party thrown by one of our clients. It was late, I was drunk and things got out of hand. I had walked outside to get some air and sober up a bit when my boss came out and asked if I was OK.
We talked and I have little relocation of how it got from just talk to me being on my knees sucking him. Afterwards he just put it back in his pants, zipped up and said thank you. I remember standing up with the taste of his c** in my mouth and looking around hoping no one had seen what I had done. Fortunately I didn't see anyone.
The next morning I got up hung over and feeling horrible. I called my husband and told him the party was good but boring and I had a bit way too much to drink, he just laughed. I don't think he would have laughed if I had said "honey I blew the boss last night"
I got to the airport and checked in. I had been upgraded to first class, the first time ever. My seat was just a few down from the boss and his wife. I expected her to come over and say something like "how did you get to first class, did you s**** or blow my husband" She only smiled at me like she usually does. I had a few and that calmed my nerves.
My husband was at the gate and kissed me hello. I looked over at the boss and I bet he was thinking, how does your wife's mouth taste after I shot in it? When we got home I just showered (again) and even though it was only 8 PM I went to bed. My husband came up later and cuddled with me. That is when the guilt really kicked in. I turned and felt his erection on my stomach. I decided that maybe if I really made his night I would feel less guilty. A b******* to finish didn't even help my feelings. After he came I stayed there for a long time, my face laying on his stomach with his d*** in my mouth. Should I tell him?
Finally I got up and had a drink. Would he understand and forgive me? I was drunk and it happened so fast. I just decided to forget it and try to forgive myself. Usually I don't see the boss at work. Of course this day we had a huge board meeting and there he was sitting at the head of the table all smug. I looked around the room at the other ladies and wondered, how many of you sucked his d***?
A few days went by and he called me to his office. I had been called in often about work things and I hoped it would not be too awkward. His assitant told me to go right in and as soon as I opened his door I saw his wife sitting on the couch. I thought oh s***, am I going to lose my job?
He just went over a few reports and when I was finished answering his questions I asked is that all sir? She spoke up and said well no honey that is NOT all. She stood up and said I heard you gave my husband a b*******? I looked over at him and started shaking. I must have said yes and shook my head. I tried to keep eye contact but I could not.
She said well did you tell your husband what you did? I shook my head no. Then you have a choice: You either suck my husband whenever he wants or I tell your husband what a cheap little c********* he has for a wife and I do have a picture to prove it!
That brought my head up! I looked over at her smiling husband who just nodded. I was crying by this time. She said make up your mind right now. Your job and your husband or you do as you are told.
That started what I am going thru now. Several times a week I am on my knees sucking away at him. I have thought to tell my husband, admit what was going on. I am afraid of what he would do. Of course he would divorce me. Of course I would lose my job. Maybe I could sue but lets face it. He is rich and yes I did willingly start this.


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  • “Usually don’t See the boss at work” then a few lines later “Get called into his office often” Seems like just a story not a confession

  • You sound like u like suck sick and eating com u should tell your husband he will find out sooner or latter so if u tell him y he may forgive u if u don't tell him and he finds out know matter what u say he want believe u

  • This is still going on and a couple of months ago they forced me to start doing this to clients. I am too far into it to back out of anything they ask. My husband still does not know. Shortly after I wrote this my husband lost his job so now I absolutely need to keep mine.
    So for now I keep doing what I do.

  • Baloney...

  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on a lot ! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • If you can't stop, don't even try. Just enjoy yourself. And make sure he's enjoying himself. But do whatever you can to keep the wife out of your relationship.

  • S** is for fun. Have some fun.

  • Extortion is a crime....

  • Don't take it so seriously. Relax. Enjoy the c***. Sounds like you need it.

  • I had the opportunity to blackmail a girl into s**. For me it was so hot. It was exciting. It was a huge turn on. Of course it totally gutted her.

  • Reading the first paragraph I didn't know if you were male or female. I see several words that are used wrong. You sad relocation instead of recollection. I suppose this happens sometimes but I believe the person who posted this posted a fantasy rather than a real experience. The poster, in my opinion, is a man, not a woman.

  • You are f*****. But for the perp it's such a high to have such control. For the victim so so diempowering.

  • This sounds so fake

  • Very fake. wish it was longer tho aylmao

  • This is definitely fake.

  • Totally.

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