Coworkers wife

Last weekend I went out with a guy from work, I haven't drank with him much but we have worked together lots
About midnight we were pretty drunk and he turned to me and said "let's f*** my wife", I choked on my beer and then laughed and said "what?", he said "do you want to?", I looked at him not sure if he was serious or not and said "I don't know, I've never even met your wife, what are you talking about?", he explained to me that he had tag teamed his wife twice before but hadn't done it since they had kids and wanted to with me.
I stopped and stared at him then laughed and said "yeah right, whatever", he said "I'll text her right now" and pulled out his phone, he started texting and when his phone dinged he showed it to me, he texted (I wanna bring someone home), she sent back (oh?), he texted (he is 6'3", 225 lbs and you will like him), she sent (you just woke me up), he sent (be there in 15, put something nice on).
I looked at him and then back at the phone and said "for real?", he said "f*** yeah, let's do it", I asked where the kids were and he said they were at a sleepover, we paid the tab and got into a cab, all the way to his house I kept telling him "you are f****** with me" and he would just laugh, we got to his place and walked in, his wife was in the kitchen and when we walked in I froze, she is short and SUPER cute, shoulder length blonde hair, pink, pouty lips, humongous b**** for such a small girl and a slim build.
She had on a sheer top and a tiny thong, she walked up and when she started to talk I almost blew my load, she has a squeaky voice which after time would drive me crazy but was so hot at that moment, she said "hi...I'm Mandy", I introduced myself and she stepped up to me, kissed me and I kissed her back.
She stepped back and ran her hands across my chest, took my hand and led me to the couch, she sat down and I stood in front of her, she unzipped my pants and pulled them down then looked up at me, she smiled, looked at her husband and said "oh s***".
She sucked me and then I laid her back while her husband sat and watched, I kissed and sucked her big pink nipples and she stroked my c***, she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me to her saying "I want your big d*** in me", my new best buddy pulled his pants down and I realized why she wanted to get f***** so bad, he has a little pepperoni looking c***, I pressed into her and she was so wet I slid right in, she was pretty tight and moaned loudly as I f***** her.
I f***** her in every position while he jerked off and watched us, I bit her neck and she started moaning and bucking her hips, I actually felt her c** with her juice running down my b****, she screamed my name and when she stopped coming she said "come on my t***", I pulled out of her and shoved my c*** between her huge t***, she squeezed them together as I pulled out, stood over her and jerked off, her husband stood beside me and we both came on her huge t***, when we were done she had come on her t***, her neck and some on her face, she grabbed my c*** and sucked it making sure she had every drop.
She got up and wiped her t*** off then crawled across the bed to me while her husband sat back down, she sucked me until I was hard and I f***** her again, she let us both come in her mouth the second time then asked me to stay the night, I said I couldn't and she almost begged me saying i could f*** her again in the morning.
The whole situation was a bit weird and I was sobering up since it was almost 5:00am, I said no, caught a cab and went home but I think me and him need to drink together more often.

Oct 12, 2016

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  • Lmbo " my new best buddy " I don't blame you.

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