Slept with so many guys

I started uni about a month ago, since then i have now slept with 27 different guys, how you may think? club toilets, dorm parties, clubbing in general and also meeting up with local guys off the internet, i love it, im free single and if i was a guy, i would be a legend but im not, im 18yo girl who is single and if everyone knew the full truth i would be labelled a s***, i love s**, i cant think of anything else am i really so wrong? i make them wear condoms and yes 27 in a month does sounds like a lot, but its not when iv been f***** by more than one at a time

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  • I'm a 60yr woman who has f***** hundreds of men and 10 women, at the moment I have three men who f*** me and a girlfriend. Enjoy yourself girl

  • It takes more ground work if ur a guy just sayin that's not really an accomplishment....

  • My kind of girl. So long as you're just doing it for the enjoyment of it, who cares. Get laid as much as you can.

  • Well, doesn't bother me as I like s****(no offense) , but lotta guys, and I mean a lotta guys , are going to have a problem with that when you get ready to settle down. You might want to find a guy that likes cuckold p0orrn

  • You are of legal age and by law capable of making your own choices. As long as you are smart and protecting yourself it doesn't matter to anyone else but you. Do what makes you happy until it doesn't.

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