Here's to hoping

My wife started college when she was 20, She has admitted to me that before we met she would basically "Give it up" to any guy who paid attention to her, She started putting out at 16, she claims to have lost count but says its probably over 35 and says she thinks there were a few she doesn't remember for sure if they had s** but she woke up naked with, and a few times with more than one guy and a couple longer relationships (3-4 months) but used to bang one guys friends when he asked her to.
My wife is a beautiful, Short brunette with blue eyes, wonderful C-cups, Beautiful legs, A perfect, round, little bum, A sexy back, and she is tight, Shaved and has no "B***** tongue", She enjoys going out and has always been a huge flirt, She has never been anything other than a perfect, proper, somewhat "Vanilla" housewife since we started dating and basically stopped doing anything slutty although I seen her go upstairs with three different guys the times I went to parties at her college residence before we started dating.
The other weekend we were out and she always has guys checking her out but never makes any indication of being interested in more than flirting, I got up to play a game of pool and she stayed at the table, I was watching her and a guy came up to the table and started talking to her, He sat down and I watched her flash him her wedding ring laughing and pointing at it, He walked away and not even 10 minutes later another guy started hitting on her.
She did the same thing and pointed to me, He just looked at me, Held his hands up and walked away, After we went home we were having s** and I whispered in her ear "Do you want me to watch you get f*****?", She moaned "Oh god yes, yes i do, So bad", the next morning she claimed she didn't say it or didn't remember but I asked her again and she just looked at me with a puzzled look and said "I don't know...Maybe...Do you want to?", I shrugged my shoulders and said "Maybe".
She looked at me and said "Um...Ok, I'm too hungover to think about this right now, Lets talk about it later?", We talked about it a little bit and she made it clear that she would want me to be involved in more of a "Three way" situation and did ask "Is another girl something you might be interested in, I told her yes but that I want to watch her with someone else more than I want to be with someone else and with a girl would be great but only if it was for her "Benefit", She said "that's something I haven't done since before college" and just giggled.
After 10 years of monogamy she seems to be really considering it and I think it may happen.

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  • Keep us updated. This sounds good

  • Okay I'll ask what is "B***** tongue"? It's not listed on Urban Dictionary.

  • When the inner l**** stick out past the outer. Its gross.

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