I want to push old people out of the way in stores..

Every time I go food or any other shopping, the slow-ass old people get in my way, hold up aisles, or stand right in front of the very damn thing I need, moving slower than frozen s*** in January.. I just want to bull through them like a running back, and knock them over so they're out of my way..

Same with the No-Habla people..One, speak English, and Two..Get out of my way!

Oct 19, 2016

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  • Would you do the same to your own grandparents? And, we all get old man and naturally slower. How would you feel, if you were the elderly person and some young asshat barged straight past you, because you were too slow for their liking?
    Have some respect,common decency and patience. It's social etiquette man! We've all been in that situation!

  • You probably drive like a dumb b**** too and get in my way on the road f****** kill yourself

  • Do it and someone like me sees u is going to hurt u ....bad

  • Does it take a special kind of stupid to resent the ederly? No, you're just a regular stupid. Baby boomers, on the other hand, deserve what they get. Go shove a baby boomer and I'll pin a medal on ya.

  • Didn't say I resented the elderly..Only that they need to get out of people's way when clogging up store aisles looking at horse liniment and ritz crackers. If someone is behind you, waiting patiently, get the hint. Move out of their way. All I'm saying.

  • Well then, how would you feel about some chick being in your way when clogging up store aisles? Oh right, you probably think you have a snowball's chance of nailing her, so you swallow your self-centered homicidal rage and pretend to be human long enough to try to get her digits.

    Nice try, b****. And older people are catching on to the idea that things like weight training can still be done even if you're not 21 anymore. PLUS they're usually out of fvcks to give and will happily spend time in jail if the price is removing one more fucktard from their world. Roll the dice and take your chances, betch

  • We resent a******* like you punk.

  • I think you're confusing old people with idiots in general.

    And you're just too stupid to learn two languages.

  • Narcist

  • If you're going to refer to me as something, please.. Spell it correctly. It's narcissist, not narcist. Damn..

  • Omg .... hilarious

  • Lol

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