Indian therapists

Anyone else out there who hates indian doctors and therapists holy s*** theyre a pompous grop of a******* who take themselves too seriously as if they makes themselves out to be human lie detectors these people need to stay out of the professional businesses and get back to their tipis theyre just mad at us white people for taking their land john wayne wouldnt stand for this s*** gotta hate these people the only place they should be working is a 7-11 and for chris sake speak some english not that jiberish this is America you speak our language not the other way around who else thinks these tomahawk chuckers dont deserve professional jobs let me know comment below

Jun 13, 2014

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  • What are you talking about? first sounds like you mean Indians from India, then other times sounds like you're talking about native Americans, and I don't doubt that people probably think your one ignorant white boy....

  • Clearly a MAGAt.

  • Dont need ta hear from animal spirits take your cheap indian casinos and crappy smoke signals and go ta h***; indians dont know jack s*** about medicine or professional jobs they can shove their holistic remedies and ram it up the spirit buffalo's ass, the only time i'll talk to an indian is if he'll grant me a wish or laugh at'em when they try ta sell me a cheap rug..hiyahiyahiya me thinkem there be many more angry comments ahead

  • Go to anger,manners and tolerance school and learn a few things about how to share this wide world.
    Then take 4 years of undergraduate classes and if you happen to do well,go to graduate school or apply to med school and spend around 16 years to get all the classes and residence done. Do whatever else is needed,come out and look for a job while carrying 200,000+ in student loans.Then become your own doctor so that you will not have to deal with Indians. I may also point out to you that you are talking about two or more types of Indians in your post-the Indians who lost their land to the US are quite different from the Indian doctors you are hating.

  • Here's a comment, go f*** yourself. I understand and agree you have the right to your opinion, however, belittling another person or race only makes you look like an a******. So with that said, again I comment, go f*** yourself you racist n***.

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