Cool Italian restaurant and the cool family that runs it.

In my small town, we have an Italian restaurant that is the envy of the whole area. They are Sicilian Immigrants and their food is fantastic. I love eating there.

There was a mystery though that caused a flurry, though. These Italians are short stocky, dark haired with dark olive skin and eyes as are two of their children.One of their children, a daughter stands out though. She is tall fair skinned blond haired and blue eyed.

I would see this little girl with her parents speaking Italian and interacting with the other children as their daughter and sister.

When it became time to send these children to school the parents were asked to explain how the blond girl came to be their child.

Here's the story. The family of the Italian immigrants rented a small apartment to a couple while in Sicily who were either from Germany, Denmark or Germany or wherever and one day they asked if the Italian family would babysit their child while they went shopping. The Italians agreed and they never saw those people again.

They disappeared leaving the infant girl with the Italians. Not knowing what else to do and considering the baby a gift they chose to raise her as her own.

This story didn't fly with the school board. Police were called and questions were asked. This was not considered a legal adoption. The prosecutors didn't know what to do but after some years of legal rambling they decided that in the best interests of the child they would leave her with the only family she knew and of whom loved her dearly.

That was twenty years ago and the girl now runs the restaurant with her step sisters and brothers.

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  • Wonderful people. I hope the government people left the kid with them while they investigated. I read a story where the kid was removed during investigation and places with a foster family and the foster family abused the kid. In the end it was found that the government people had become a*** looking for problems where there we none. The kid was returned damaged.

  • It's so sad she was abandoned like that but beautiful how the family took her in, raised her as their own and considered her a gift. What lovely people.

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