My wife doesn't love me anymore...

I'm pretty sure my wife just doesn't love me anymore. We have three kids one is a teen and the others are toddlers and I swear she barely even touches me anymore casually, sexually, period. We live with her total b*tch of a mother who treats me like crap and tells my wife I am lying to her all the time ( which is not even close to true) and who makes my teenage adopted son into a spoiled fn brat. And is turning my Littles into whiny brats too, I HATE the way my life has gone and it's affecting my attitude with my fam. I don't want to but seemingly without control i spread my anger and depression to them.......I hope I can get out of this rut and move far away from monster in law.
I hope anyone else who can relate figures out a good solution to their problems, I know I'm not the only one! Good luck keep your chins up and know you're not alone!


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  • My marriage was cold. She did not seem to care for me. Always busy. Meetings, parties, visiting her parents, friends, doing good works. Everyone told us how wonderful she was. She'd be too tired for s**.

    One day I started to sort my stuff. Stuff I really wanted. Just a couple of boxes. I took photos of photos and things of emotional attachment.

    One day I opened a bank account in my name.

    One day I went to the pay master at work and got them to put my pay in that account.

    One day I just did not come home.

    Then she got all high and mighty and cried and blamed and called and texted. I got a small apartment. No way was I going back. So relieved.

  • F*** u coward

  • ? Coward for what? I meant move away with my family you j******.

  • Oops nm I thought u meant me sorry

  • Here is your answer,Get away from your Mother In Law. If she is living with you you need to do everything in your power to get her out. If you are living in her house ,man up, stop whining and make your own way through life. Your wife will have more respect for you and will start showing you more attention.

  • It's not her haus, it's supposed to be our haus and she lives with's been a bad situation that's gotten worse. Trust me it wasn't suppose to work out this way

  • You are not alone. Why were we once so much together but now she is cold and distant

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