My darling Stephan

I know that when I became your mistress I promised to not ever place any demands on you. You didn't ask for that, I freely offered it. And I'm not making this a demand, honestly: it's just an expression of what I want and need. I no longer wish to share you sexually with your wife. I'm not asking you to divorce her, or abandon your family and children before they are grown. But I don't want you f****** her anymore. I want the joy of knowing that she isn't getting ANY of what you give me. And since she and I know each other, you know that she'll tell me if you aren't f****** her anymore. I want to hear her say, "Stephan isn't f****** me anymore": I want to know, from her, that she isn't getting ANY. I want to know that what we have together isn't being polluted or corrupted by her or that super-hairy p**** of hers. You can stay with her until the kids are grown, you can even sleep in the same bed, for all I care. I just don't want you penetrating her body anymore, and I absolutely don't want you leaving your seed there. I want all of that to myself. ALL of that.

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  • You went into this relationship with Stephan thinking that you had to have HIM. That there was something really special and unique and irreplaceable in him or about him, in particular, that you simply could not find anywhere else, that you were responding to some destiny that the two of you were "meant to be together", and that he would realize that he belonged with you, if you just gave it time, and he'd leave his family and come to you. What you failed to realize -- what all mistresses everywhere (like me) fail to realize -- are two critical things. First, every man who does this to his wife AND HIS CHILDREN, every single one of them, is exactly the same: self-centered, narcissistic, entitled jerks who are not physically capable of seeing anything OR ANYONE beyond the shadow of the tips of their fully-erect penises. All they care about is satisfying their perverted sexual appetites, exploring s** acts that aren't available to them at home, and expanding their sexual territory, and using you -- and, almost certainly, other women and at the same time -- to accomplish those goals. And second, the fact that he is engaged in the relationship with the mistress proves that first thing. You are in a no-win situation, dear (and I know because I've been there), and by the time you realize it, it'll be too late for you. Please listen to what I am telling you and get out NOW, before you have a child for this animal you're despoiling yourself with and make yourself undesirable to any decent man. Don't do what I did and wake up one morning with grown children fathered by a man who cares nothing for them. Or for YOU. Stop it today. Call him now and tell him it's over.

  • All you haters can go to h***. Sure, it was wrong for me to go after the husband of a woman I work with, particularly since I was using inside information about the sexual things he liked and wanted, and the things she absolutely refused to do (primarily, golden showers and rough a***), but it really didn't take much effort to get him interested in me or to get him to dump his previous mistress on her ass (which I loved....LOL!). But I don't feel bad at all about the fact that he loves me more than his wife, or that he wants to spend more time around me than her. And I'm not going to feel bad either when I get off my b/c at the end of this month (July) and he knocks my nasty ass up!!! Suck that, b******!!!!!

  • You'll probably get to h*** before any of us. Ha ha.. you think he's going to leave his wife for the office w****? There's no guarantee that he would leave his wife, just because you get knocked up. If he wanted to be with you, he would have left his wife by now. Instead you believe his lines about waiting til the kids get older or whatever. Yea.get pregnant, because that's such a great reason to have a child..Poor kid has no chance with a s*** for mom like you.

  • time to grow up and stop all the drama and ruining other peoples lives

  • Congratulations. You've earned an "A". Just like The Scarlet Letter.

  • You are even worse than a regular mistress. Not only are you making love with another woman's husband, you are friends with the woman herself. That is truly detestable and despicable and unforgiveable. You need a new life, because you have made a horrible mess of this one. Break it off with the married guy, find yourself a decent man who loves you --- and only you --- and pray that God will forgive you for all you've done to destroy Stephan's marriage and his family.

  • such a w****. you should be ashamed of yourself. if you cared anything about yourself you would not be doing this expecially with your friends husband. your embarrassing yourself.

  • "Jerry came and will not go, says he loves you, that you are the only, only love worthwhile in all this world," Harding wrote. "He is so utterly devoted that he only exists to give you all. I fear you would find a fierce enthusiast today.".President Harding nicknamed his d*** "Jerry" and in this quote,he is writing to his married mistress.

  • Yup Yup.. You want a man all to yourself?? Go find a single man, and leave the married ones alone. It's ho bags like you that destroy marriage.. And your her friend?? You disgust me!!!!!!!! You are WORTHLESS. I HOPE YOU GET AIDS AND DIE A MISERABLE DEATH YOU W****

  • There is absolutely no reason for him to stop f****** his wife. Why should he? He has it made and you make it so very easy for him. He sleeps with you, he sleeps with her and then he probably has a third girl on the side. Oh and..his wife is getting ALL of that. He'll just tell you otherwise.

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