My sisters thong

My sister has a fat ass thats the only good thing aboit her so I once sniffed my sister's thong in the bathroom it smelled like s*** I began choking, I never have done it again since that day

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  • You’re so f****** weird. 😕. I’m genuinely concerned.

  • What did you expect it would smell like? Roses, perhaps?

  • I think you mean "phat", not "fat" dumb ass

  • It's ur sister man that's f***** up it shouldn't matter how hot family members are ....

  • Well, it's not going to smell like roses!! I bet your underwear, has skid marks in them!!

  • Lol lesson Learnt!!

  • Good....serves you right.

  • You probably deserved it lol

  • Ugh

  • Lol!!!

  • Incestuous pig. I hope you go blind.

  • If my sister were sexy, I'd wanna f*** her too

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