Please Don't Float Toooo Far...

Just knowing you're there has given me such a great sense of joy, peace and hope. You made me believe. Never Doubt! You taught me actions mean more than words. I love your words AND your actions. You have been nothing but a positive in my life, even though it may have seemed the opposite at times. I will always love you.

Oct 24, 2016

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  • The truth is you lied.

  • Tell this to the person you are writing about.

  • EXACTLY!!!!

  • Hmmm... sounds familiar. I may be wrong, but it sounds like you may have just wanted them around because they made you feel good. They gave you 'joy, peace and hope,' but what did you give them? Sorry if I'm being a downer, but I've seen and heard of too many good people being hurt by others who didn't care about them; people who don't really love them but love how they make them feel. Please, if this is the case, leave them be so they can be with someone who will love them the way they deserve.

  • I appreciate your comment. Of course I love how they make me feel. I always tried my best to return the greatness that was bestoyed upon me. From my end, I think I did that. Could be wrong, but don't know.

  • * bestowed * my bad

  • I appreciate your honesty. I guess the only thing left to do is to take action. It's true: actions do mean more than words. So much more! Show them how you feel. Forget about everything else that may be holding you back from stepping up to the plate; let them know how much you love and miss them. Good luck.

  • Anyone that teaches us, and makes us want to be better and do better is an amazing person. They're clearly special, but most importantly, they're clearly special to you. Don't let that go, or you'll always regret it.

  • Exactly! Too many people in this world trying to hold people down. The ones who lift us up, who dare to be real and encourage us to be better people should be treasured. They're angels! Surprisingly, it's usually these angels that aren't afraid to walk away. They know their worth so it's even more of a reason to hold on to them with all your heart.

  • :):)

  • Amen to that!

  • Love ya too babes <3

  • Thank you

  • But Jack there's not enough room on the iceberg .......

  • Who are you! I coulant only hope, dream and wish this this was you

  • There is nothing wrong in hoping .You can always hope though there remains a very thin line between hope and expectations you must be aware about that..

  • I didn't write that. ;) :p

  • What made you think the reply was given to you? What made you want to clarify? Isn't it funny? Who is" I "and Who is "You" who knows.

  • I know who "I" am. Don't you know who "You" are?

  • Wrong equation I know "I" n you know" You' to make things work it should be" I "know "You "n vice versa.
    Change d way of thinking it might help to maintain smiles for long..

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