Preggo smoker

I'm 19. I started smoking when I was 10. At age 8 I started getting puffs off of my mom's ciggies. Now I smoke 1 ½ to 2 packs a day. I'm preggo with my third kid. I smoked all the way thru my first one and second one and everything turned out fine. So I am going to keep smoking during my second one. I love to smoke and will not quit, even for my kids. It apparently doesn't do anything bad to them, since my first one is perfectly fine. BTW, I had my first kid when I was 16. Love s** as much as my ciggies.

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  • Verrrrrrry sexy! Love it!

  • I really hope your husband understands what an incredibly lucky man he is. You are incredible, and any man would be thrilled to have you. Amazing.......

  • LOVE you!!

  • nothing sexier than a pregnant woman smoking.....

  • I would totally love to have you mother my children.

  • "It apparently doesn't do anything bad to them" yes it does it gives them terrible chest problem, you may not see it now but you are hurting their health. Try and be a good mother if you love your children as much as you say you do; but then again if you love them less the your f*** what love is that???????????

  • You are sooooooooooo super sexy! Wish you were my wife!

  • You are the very thing that is wrong with humanity!

    Just because there are no signs of problems now does not mean your child can develop cancer later (which will be heartbreaking to watch for the drs' I'm guessing, because you don't give a s***!

    May god have mercy on your kids souls - you heathenous, glutenous, PIG!

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