Under Desk Masturbation

My supervisor left work early today and I am here bored and alone. I started to get restless and eventually pulled up my skirt and started playing with my c*** through my thong. As I type this with one hand I am on the verge of my o*****. Who wants to crawl under my desk and lick me clean once I am done? I'm extremely wet right now....

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  • Once your done? f*** that, i would eat you out to help u finish!!!!

  • Would you like for me to put my legs over the arms of my chair and spread them really wide for you?

  • As long as you grab the back of my head so i can get deeper in your p****

  • Will you lick from my ass up to my c*** and back down again? Once I'm soaking wet will you slide your finger in my ass? I always c** harder when my ass his plugged.

  • I will lick whatever you want that makes u c**, and instead of my finger, my d*** is gonna get in that ass

  • I bet this was written by a man hahaha

  • I admit being guilty of this during my last office job. Had my own, separate office, but, next to a few others who'd stop by on the way to the break room. We had a good group who liked, but didn't love, our manager, and, once he was out, did what we wanted.

    More than a few times, if the manager was out, and, at least, the woman who's office was next to mine wasn't in, I'd lean back on my chair, legs underneath the desk, and either unzip, or, rub one out through the top of my pants crotch. It my stuff bled through my pants, I'd cover up, or, wash it off and say I spilled coffee on myself. Think only one woman knew what I was actually doing.

  • I like to "ride the seam" of my jeans on casual days at the office. It is lovely.

  • Thanks for the idea! Tomorrow is casual Friday so I'll try that. Do you get off doing that or just like the feeling?

  • I'll lick you clean followed. Y following you to the toilets where I would f*** you hard

  • Yes! Bend me over the sink, hike my skirt up, and f*** me hard. I want to watch you f*** me in the big mirror.

  • That I can do an u can watch me bend my wife and duck in the ass an blow my load all over her big t*** and she will lick hee t*** claen

  • I'll spank you.

  • For being a naughty girl and masturbating at my desk? Will you make me lie across your lap when you spank me? Will I feel your hard c*** while you spank me firm little ass?

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