More than a personal assistant

When i started out working straight from college i got lucky and got a job as a P.A in a rather small but very successfull business, i was 18 and new to the working world and loves the income as i was on more miney than most of my friends, now my boss was very attractive even though he was alot older, he helped me out to start and i soon picked up role, and by the fourth week after quite a lot of flirtings we were having s**, yes i knew he was married but that made it more fun, we started off in his office many times a week and my dress code soon changed to his desire's along, we stopped for a patch by the 6th month but soon picked up a month later after a trip away and after that it was nothing but l*** and a sort of arrangement, i had a pay rise and a company car, the second time away he informed me i could be on commission if i would be willing to take part in business arrangements and deals, i was to seduce the client...and i did...and we got the deal, and i got my fair share the profit, this arrangement happened more than once, the biggest i sealed the deal with 4 clients at same time while my boss watched, yes i had s** with four suits as my boss watch, i earned enough in 2 years to afford my car and over half my morgage on my house, im now 22 and left the company 6months ago with no regrets

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  • That is the single longest sentence I have ever read. Not one damn period (.) was used in it.

  • Yes, another product of our failing public schools.

  • Work it if you got it!

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