Lazy overweight friend

I have this friend that is married to a great guy, and he's pretty easy on the eyes too. She's had three kids, and has gained weight, but please don't misunderstand me I think she's beautiful. She's now a BBW, but so am I. My post here is not to judge her looks.

Since she gained the weight she also stopped being active. Their home used to be very tidy, but now she won't let family come over because it's a disaster. It's not just messy with kids's actually dirty. Dog hair collected in every corner, dirty dishes all over the counter and in the sinks. Smear marks on the walls, and filthy floors.

She doesn't work, but her husband works 60+ hours per week. He cleans on the weekends, but he's one person against four others. My friend claims she's too uncomfortable, and sore. She says she would clean it but she can't move like she used to.

When she says this stuff I want to scream at her!! I am actually a bit bigger than she is - but also taller. I clean my entire house, I cook, I take care of my kids, I walk my dog, and I work full time. I keep my home and my physical self very clean at all times. I can be watching a program but at every commercial I get up and clean something.

I think it's all just excuses, but she's got the handsome attentive husband and I have the male version of her.

Nov 3, 2016

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  • How did things work out? Were you able to steal her man?

  • Tell her that if she doesn't her her house (and herself) in order, you're going to steal her man. And slap the bi*ch upside her head.

  • Her husband might be sleeping with someone else.

  • I'm fat and I think it's ugly.

  • You're probably right.

  • She may be suffering from depression. Instead of being judgmental, ask her how she is feeling and see if there is anything you can do to help.

  • Maybe she should help him with regular s*** like cleaning after herself f***....

  • From the sounds of it he already is by pulling his And her weight

  • I can relate....some people just refuse to look after themselves and take more than they give

  • Oddly, it sounds like you may be somewhat jealous of your friend.

    Raining down praises on her wonderful husband who does so much... But yet your friend, the one you describe as "lazy overweight friend" has him and you don't. I mean you're so great, and she isnt. As you say, you walk your dog, take care of your home and hygiene blah blah blah, but yet she has a "handsome and attentive husband" and you have someone who just isn't him, right?!

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if some of your friend's issues or supposed depression stems from being around you - consciously or subconsciously.

    With friends like you...

    Please stop being her friend, go home and deal with your own "male version of her" and really deal with that jealousy because no matter how many times you tell us or yourself you're not judging her, your words say different.

    My guess is she really isn't depressed. But narcissists like to pretend they're perfect and it's everyone else who is damaged.

  • She needs to be flogged and forced to do her job.

    To go naked at home

  • Sounds like YOUR fantasy... :)

  • It may be depression that is keeping her down and unmotivated. If you want to help, be kind and understanding to her and let her know you care and if she'd like help, you're all in. It doesn't matter what excuses she tells you, some could be true and others are just masking what she's feeling. We have all been there. Gotten in a funk or just feel stuck and so certain things become less important or maybe just overwhelmed and can't figure out where to start. Maybe help her pick one thing...

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