F*** you to my older brother who thinks it's his job to tell people what to do while being the biggest hypocrite of the family. F*** you to all the family members who continuously tell me to be the bigger better person only when it serves them i.e. to excuse their own f***** up behaviour. How is it wrong to want to set the record straight, especially upon hearing false gossip that you a******* actually believe? I don't care how old you are or what your position is, if you dare to assassinate my character, I will confront you.

It's f****** pathetic how people try so hard to be the "good guy" that they end up making themselves look bad. Trying to look good by saying how bad someone else is, or by belittling someone else does not make you any better. It makes you s***. I won't ever claim to be a "good person" (whatever that is) because I am a REAL person with flaws and faults who makes plenty of mistakes, but LEARNS from them. So if you think you're hurting me by calling me out, go ahead -- I'll admit to it. Making false assumptions is what p***** me off.

I hate people trying to act like they know my life better than I do and then judging me on nothing. Why not try asking? Ask or don't make any conclusions, especially if you don't know the act of empathy, compassion, or giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

F*** all of you. seriously.

Nov 6, 2016

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  • Watch out, bad ass is posting here.

  • All you ladies better back away from this one. Us men are talking business.

  • You're a dumbass to assume the OP is male!

  • Shut the "F" up, you chauvinistic pig! This OP isn't about you!

    To the OP, I agree with you!

    I don't interact with any of my toxic, pretentious and "F" up family members. As soon as I left home at sixteen, I ensured I kept in contact with my mother and three brothers only. The rest can suck my b****, if I had any lol!

    Thanks for your honesty!

  • High five! Dude! Right on bro!

  • Your assumption it's a dude, could be inaccurate you fool, "he" could be a "she!"

  • I know what you mean man some F****** people think they know everything but they don't know s***!

  • The OP could be a woman

  • I hear you too! :)

  • I hear you bro.

  • Bro, could be a "sis!"

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