Friends wife

During the late summer some friends and us planned a final camping trip of the season, Long story short night three I had left the campsite to visit some friends and when I came back just my friends wife was still at the fire, I asked where everyone else was and she said they had all gone to another friends campsite a couple down the road but she had stayed behind planning to go to bed, She was really drunk but we sat talking for about ten minutes before she blurted out that her and my friend weren't doing well, She explained how she wasn't getting what she needed from him emotionally or in any other aspect basically.
we were sitting side by side and she leaned in for a kiss, I pulled back and told her it wasn't a good idea, she told me that she knew I thought she was just drunk and would regret it in the morning but that she fully knew what she was doing, She was obviously h****, breathing heavy and groping at my chest, I was hard and it was obvious through my sweats and she looked down whispering about how nice my big hard c*** would feel in her, she was whispering dirty talk to me but it was more corny than anything, She pulled her shirt up and let one b*** fall out, She has pretty nice b****, fairly big but kind of floppy, I got nervous at that point and looked around, I admit I did play with her b*** for probably a couple minutes as we talked, She whispered to me that she had always wanted to bang me back when we were all single but then I married my wife, She told me all kinds of things like "I wont tell", "just one time", "I'll be your s*** on the side", You know, The kind of stuff people married to other people say to each other LOL.
She slipped her hand into my sweats, I let her stroke me as I played with her b*** but she pulled my c*** out and looked at it, She sighed and said "mmm, I knew it would be big", She leaned down and I grabbed her pulling her back up, I apologized then pulled her hand off my c***, Put it away and told her I just couldn't, I explained that she is very pretty, which she is for sure but I was married and couldn't take it to that level, I let go of her b*** and told her she should put it away.
She fixed herself up and sat looking at me frustrated, She kept asking why I wouldn't f*** her and I kept explaining that I couldn't do that to my wife or my friend, Thankfully some other people started coming back to our campsite and she left me alone.
The next day I didn't say anything to anyone about it but the rest of the guys decided to take the kids fishing, My wife and the other girl ran to town to restock the booze situation and I stayed behind to change a flat tire on my camper, I thought my friends wife had gone to town with my wife but as I sat on the ground changing my flat she walked around the corner, I got nervous and she knelt beside me, She looked at me and said "Um...About last night...", I said "its fine, don't worry about it", She put her head down then looked up at me and said "Um...What I mean is...I meant what I said", I looked at her and she said "I just want someone to appreciate me", I told her that maybe she needed to talk to her husband and explain things to him and she told me he wont talk to her, She explained that he has no interest in her sexually and that she just wants to get f*****, I continued to try and talk to her but she just persisted with how she just wanted s**, Nothing else and how she wanted it to be me.
It has been almost two months and any time we are alone she always tries to convince me to do it, She has basically resorted to begging, I had to go to her house last week and talk to her, I had just gone to bed and my phone vibrated, I rolled over and looked at my phone, She had sent me a picture of her in the bathroom, Buck naked with the caption "My absentee husband is asleep and all I want is your c***", thank god my wife wasn't in bed yet so I deleted it and went to their house when I knew he wouldn't be home, I told her that she is going to cause problems in my marriage and I don't want that.
Now I am going to have to tell my wife about it which is going to cause all kinds of issues because I didn't say anything sooner.

Nov 10, 2016

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  • I wanna know what happened all this time later lol

  • If you don't have s** with her, you will kick yourself in the ass every time you think of it. Just put the tip in...that is all. You will be ok.

  • I think that you should f*** her as long as she stays with your best friend .. I'd love help you to help them with their marriage first and then when your best is sure that you are helping them you can help her to let him your know that she can't help but notice that you have a huge c*** and that she needs to explore s** with huge c**** and what guy than the guy that's already helped us so much .. you see then well hopefully he I'll see that you should help them more and the first you can just have secret 3somes with them and teach your friend how to get her off and show him the advantages of using your much bigger in her and that you will f*** her as much you you can you keep her happy for him as he learns to do what he can do to give her the pleasure that she needs.. then if things ho well and your friend is a good learner and loving husband you can let him know that you are going to help he when he can't give her what she needs .. meaning your huge c*** .. look she can't that your big c*** makes her so wet and h**** and you shouldn't let her suffer wanting your c*** when you can easily f*** her your will see that it's a great idea soon .. involve him as much as possible when you f*** his wife and soon you'll that you friendship will be stronger than ever

  • Tell your wife. Tell her you didn't tell her sooner, because you thought she'd leave you alone.

  • True you do have to tell her, or you'll be in the Pandora's box style groundhog day rerun...

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