My car got stuck in dirt

I was some driving my car in backyard of a property to a roof job and there was a spot in the yard and I was trying to back my car up onto the side of the house so I was out the way and it'll be easier to move materials up the ladder. I went to the edge of the property and started backing up and car got stuck. a shed was moved and the dirt was really really soft. I really didn't pay attention and I got stuck my car got stuck there. It was f***** up because years prior the same property I would film videos of girls with car problems and one of the car problems was they got the car stuck. I filmed at the back of the property though where I had some dirt dropped off and the cars with the girls will get stuck. Damsel in distress. The neighbors saw me filming. Now on this day I'm stuck and it's f***** up because normally I'm filming girls getting stuck and I'm having a good time doing it. Someone passed by and said hey man what the h*** are you filming your own videos now!! I told him no am really stuck. He laughed walked away and said naw you filming your own videos and he laughed. I was not having a good time. I was stuck and I couldn't get the car out. I done everything and the car was even jacked up and I set the wheel down on a good board. I dug it out and had both wheels on boards. I did everything but the wheel just slipped when I try to move the car. A girl that lives next door she came over and told me I'm doing it wrong. She used to watch from our upstairs bedroom me filming videos and I always thought that she was aggravated because she just looked like she was aggravated that we're making noise and doing stuff and I didn't think she liked me. She said I was not doing it right. She said give me the key I will get it out. I said what are you going to do she goes I'll show you and she got in the car and she drove it right out. I don't know what difference she did and what I did before but she got it right out. I felt really dumb I knows cars and knows how to do everything with these situations am a man. A woman come and save me. I found out she actually enjoyed it the whole time watching me make videos with the girls years back the end. O no no that's not the end there's one last part that's kind of weird. The guy that used to own the house before me he always would come by cuz he was p***** off because he lost in a tax sale and I got it.He used to say he was going to get the house back and bother me but we became friends after a while and he told me after I mentioned the neighbor lady helping me free my car and I thought she was kind of hot. He hit me with you mean the transgender girl next door. I said no way I said that girl and then he said no you know that's it she used to be a guy she's a transgender and I thought about it and I said wait a minute no way he said yeah take a look at the Adam apple next time and I never really knew about that I guess men having their throat and women don't really have it and she had that and then also I carefully checked her out with a different mindset. I started to see that she did have some extra masculine traits. I started to kind of feel a little bit weird about the whole thing but then I thought about it long enough and I said to myself you know what f*** it I don't care. And that's how I left the whole situation with it didn't matter. People are people the end.

Sep 5, 2021

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