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Me an my ex split after 17 years, we have kids together an she also pregnant with my child, with in a few days of splitting she contacted her ex ( school sweetheart) . He is a dj abroad. She went abroad to him with in a few weeks of texting him. She fell for him. It broke my heart, id never been with anyone else apart from her. I hated her for what she did. He came bk an she slept with him in our house we shared once. I popped round to see kids an seen them together. Anyway, it turns out they didn't click an no longer seeing each other. She as been giving me attention an I ended up sleeping with her again. Just confused to why I would do that. ? I want to know if he better than me an s*** like that. Is this normal?

Nov 12, 2016

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  • My current wife was married when we met, so we started an affair. Eventually, she left him and moved in with me for a couple of years before we got married. She had also been seeing another guy while she was still living with her husband, and I thought she'd ended it when she left home for me but she didn't. She kept seeing him occasionally after she moved in here. At first, I was upset when I discovered the situation, but she convinced me that her relationship with this other guy had no impact on me or our marriage. She said he gave her so much pleasure she just could not give him up. So, she still goes to him and makes love (I never know when or how often) and so far she's been right: I still get as much s** as I need, and between him and me, she's also getting what she needs. It's not ideal, and it's not the kind of marriage I really wanted, but it works, and she's happy and I love her. My recommendation is that you not ask her to compare you to him: you probably don't really want to know. Just decide whether or not you're able to share her with him.

  • Thankyou for sharing your story with me, love is weird an you do things u don't understand. She ain't with him anymore but still they friends. I not with her either, just having s**. She hurt me so much but still I cant help what I feel for her. Wish I could hate her but I can't. This sometimes makes me feel weak.

  • I get that, I really do. But I do not think of it as a display of weakness, not by any means. I think of it more as a display of caring: you care for her and she cares for you. Yes, there are complicating factors, but you both care. Maybe it's love, maybe not; but only the two of you can know that with any certainty. I just wanted to point out that I think there's a path back to the relationship you had with one another, even if her DJ friend (or someone else) remains in the picture on her side of things. As long as your needs and her needs are being met, I think it's possible that you can return to where you were and still make everyone happy. You obviously want each other, physically, so can't love follow that same course? I think it can, because I've seen it work in my life. I hope it can work in yours. At a minimum, it's worth a try.

  • ^ I agree ^. We shouldn't accept the idea that we can only really love one person, and can only really be loved by one person.

  • Women. Can't live with 'em. Can't replace their Gatorade with antifreeze.

  • Other people always complicate things in a relationship. I'd love to go back to the days where my ex-wife and I not only got along, but, people were envious of us. Why? Because nobody got between us. Start involving other people, especially sexual encounters or even believed to be s**, and it all goes to s***. We've had contact here and there, but not recently. If you can regain that closeness, and be happy again..Go for it. I'd freaking kill for it.

  • Of course you slept with her again. Why wouldn't you?! You were together for 17 years for chirsts sake! She gets 1 more d*** in her and you're supposed to never put yours in her again? What's 1 more d*** anyways? Forgive and forget that d*** and get back in that p**** unless you already got better lined up on a regular basis what else you gonna do?

  • Gosh man, his wife isn't a walking p**** without feelings and cognitive faculties!
    You appear to be a grotesque and chauvinistic pig!

  • You are incorrect about me being a chauvinist. His girl left him for a DJ abroad after pumping out multiple babies for this guy. She is clearly a walking p**** in this particular scenario and he is clearly whipped by this walking p****. Why would he want to move on when he has his old controlling p**** back in his life. This is the only p**** he's ever known how to put it into. She owns him under these circumstances and I was trying to explicitly convey that it's all about female power here. Women always win in the end and I love them for this.

  • Lol

  • Tough one. These women. Something goes off. My wife of 20yrs has gone cold on me. It's sad. I'd like us to be soul mates but she is off doing her own thing and I feel totally f*****. Do I leave and have an affair? What about the kids. Right now I'm empty and dead and lonely and hungry for love. And consoling myself with places like confessionpost.

  • Discuss your relationship with her, if you haven't already. If there's no point, end your marriage.

  • Weirdly yes. I think so. I cheated on an old bf and he immediately had to sleep with me when I told him. Like he had to claim me and he was determined to know who was better. Think it's a man thing

  • Thanks for comment, its good to know it must be a man thing, an it ain't me being a weirdo lol

  • He didn't "have" to sleep with you. That would imply he didn't have a choice. He "chose" to sleep with you. It's a male ego and pride thing!

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