I want to have babies with white women

I am brown man in his early 20s, I always dream of making white women pregnant. I am obssessed with white women, to me I would drop everything and marry one right away if I could. Problem is white women do not find me attractive, so I am unable to have a relationship with them :(

I guess I will not get a white woman in my lifetime. Oh well. But if I were given a choice I will marry and have babies with her right away. She will have the best boyfriend/husband! I think of them as being the best women/mothers out there.

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  • It's always the dumbest people who want to breed the most...

  • Oh look, another rapist in the making. F****** die.

  • Would love another man to get my wife with is baby so I could raise it as mine.

  • Register on matrimonial website and ask for white women. Someone somewhere is made for you!!!

  • Consider becoming more attractive. And why limit yourself to single white women?

  • Racism.

  • Having a racial preference in regards to whom a person; dates, f**** and impregnates, isn't being racist! It's not racism! Each to their own

  • You need professional help

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