Life's truth...

I hope one day they realize why they couldn't have what they wanted the most. You don't expect to stay happy while hurting someone else to death, can you? If you think you can then you should change your mind because you will expect the unexpected.

My pain is real. I want them to feel it intensely while watching me enjoying my life to the fullest. I'm putting an end to this pain because I deserve better. I won't let this get me down this time. I will fight 'till death and I will show you that.

Nov 21, 2016

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  • You sound like me. I wrote the post before about 15 years bla bla. I can understand that pain and the run down that happens. Good luck!

  • Thank you! :)

  • You sound highly immature and like an a******

  • Why won't you try comparing my mature advice with your immature and inappropriate response? Don't worry! You don't have to compare because they're both worlds apart.

  • What exactly happened? Love unrequitted, a friend who let you down?

  • I'm surrounded by green eyed monsters and they've been trying their best at spreading rumors about me on the internet and also, at work. That person will pay for the jealousy. However, I'll fight for the right reason. I believe in myself. Their negativity won't hide the truth. I'm pretty sure they're already paying for their lying and negative behavior. I saw it on their face today. I was normal because I don't fear court or law or anything. I didn't do anything wrong. It is that simple. Thank you for asking me questions. You seem to be an understanding person. (:

  • I know this might seem hard to believe, but I once worked with a woman like this; she basically stalked me at work, but had a disability so my employer couldn't do anything about it. In desperation one morning before work, I prayed to God and Jesus to not let me hate this woman. I kid you not, she wished me a merry Christmas the end of the work day, the very day I was finally granted a transfer to a different office. Pray for your enemies it works

  • Your mum

  • She already passed away. Your words aren't going to hurt me and her anymore. Keep making yourself feel better through your negative approach. That's exactly the kind of person you are and always will be. (:

  • Be careful YOU don't break the law

  • Law? I'd studied law, but I can't deter others' evil intentions for making me look bad for something I'd never done. However, only if they knew how life works. They won't because they already messed up.

  • People make other people look bad all the time, whether it be for self-preservation, fear, revenge. Trust me, it is better to walk away.

  • NO! I'm not walking away otherwise they'll continue to keep up with this behavior of themselves. I'm not letting that happen.

  • See you in court and don't forget about Jesus

  • I'm not scared of law. It is nothing in front of my honesty and purity. I don't believe in god. So, thanks and no thanks. (:

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