Saw up my sister in laws skirt

My wifes younger sister was over the other night, She is an attractive girl with a nice body, She had on a nice frilly skirt and was sitting at the kitchen counter, I was sitting on a chair at the table and her waist was pretty much at my face level, Every time she would turn to say something to my wife her knees would part and I would get a flash up her skirt, She wasn't wearing any underwear and must have inadvertently flashed me at least 20 times only 4-5 feet from my face before I was forced to move due to one of the kids waking up, When I returned my wife and her sister had moved to the living room, sadly where she was sitting there was no way to sit across from her.

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  • I do keep looking up my sisters skirt I know I shouldn't but she will sit with her legs open my mum has told her numerous times I have noticed my dad doing it as well

  • I saw up my daughters skirt.

  • Would you like to add to that

  • Interesting. What else happened in your dream?

  • Up skirt is interesting. I see a girl in a short skirt and it attracts my attention. I'm curious. My attention is focussed.

    If I see up it then oh ok thats that. Saw undies or skin. whatever. The attraction intrigue is gone.

    From the few times a girl has spoken about wearing a short skirt, they do not walk around in some state of abject fear that someone will see their unides. They see it as crass to deliberatly flash or sit legs apart but a accidental flash well they just don't care.

    Weird for a guy to understand.

    Still give me chicks in short skirts any day.

  • Better go to the cabin and get drunk, just like in your hundred other posts about the same damn story over and over.

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