Pam Greg sorry you're no longer with us

Pam I'm sorry you died so early. You weren't much over fifty if that much. Your husband left you and you had no job skills, your health was poor and your children abandoned you.

You made one mistake after another. You remarried a guy after you made the mistake of telling him you had money when you in fact, did not. He divorced you but your first husband no longer had to pay you alimony. Your children abandoned you because of your embarrassing habit of bringing men over.

You were not pretty. You were too skinny and you had a weak chin and your eyes made you look like a frog. You continued to have s** with strange men.

I thought you could live with your mother for awhile but she got cancer and died.

You then went to live with a man old enough to be your father.

What happened next is strange. You were napping on his couch and there you suddenly passed away.

I have mixed emotions about that. Sooner or later the old guy would either have died or gotten tired of you living with him. You had no way of supporting yourself and your physical health was terrible. Perhaps you could have gone on welfare but that takes time and you had nowhere to go. You being homeless would have killed you in less than a week.

You died so suddenly that you didn't suffer and thats good but meeting with an unfortunant person like you is scary. You fell through the cracks.

I posted this as a wake up call to anyone who is supported by someone else and that someone else disappears. Learn a trade and work.

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  • Ugh, yet another "Pam I'm sorry you died but I'm so much better than you" post. May you never meet up with that other idiot who kept going on about "good ol" male friends who also died stupid pointless deaths. Wish you two wold follow your friends' fine examples.

  • I'm wondering why you felt the need to belittle a person who is deceased? Her children abandoning her should have been enough to get her motivated to "change" Also, Why does it matter if she was or wasn't pretty, fat or skinny, eyes that made her look like a frog? Sounds like a deeply personal attack. Where was your possible guidance before Pam died? The lesson should be you need to realize all choices in life have potential consequences. And yes, I agree everyone should be self sufficient, in case; the safety net is pulled out from beneath you.

  • Yes, the op was mixing up things the woman couldn't help with things she could. Or might have. Who knows how much free choice we have when we're so troubled. Leave this poor woman alone. Along with giving advice and help to individuals, we need to change the social structure to help the bigger problem.

  • Good post, poor Pam, good advice

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