I'm a 36 yr old female - why do men smell **?!!

One time I was watching a movie with my husband and his two buddies - when the scene showed a woman being ordered to remove her ** by this bad guy. I think she was his lawyer....
Anyway - so she reaches under her dress and pulls down her little black ** and gives them to this guy.
Then......he immediately puts them to his face and .....s me l l s them!!
Geez was I embarrassed to be the only girl sitting with 3 men - while watching this guy smelling this ladies **!
They all looked at me - to see my reaction to this strange scene - I guess it was sort of **....just mostly embarrassing. "What are they thinking, looking at me?
Are they wondering what my ** smell like??"
I finally said....."ummm - you men are so.... weird!"
We'd all been drinking enough that Robert, the boldest - said, "Babe!....I'd smell her ** in a heart-beat, too...** I'd loved to smell yours' !"
"Well....Robert - I'd have to be a lot drunker than I am now to ........."
and I let it drift off, unsaid.
We watched the end of the movie. They left.
My husband was extremely attentive to my body that night......and I kept thinking about that scene, as well....feeling more than a little naughty for doing so.
Men are such strange animals!

Oct 5

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  • It’s a natural attraction

  • Nothing better than the scent of a woman

  • So I'm a ** sniffing male animal. A girl's scent is heavenly and a massive turn in to me. It's as close to being physically intimate with her as possible.
    And it's a primal instinct, I'm cool with you saying guys are "weird ", but observe other animals, like dogs.
    Btw, lesbians do it too.

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