So sad

My husband owes hospital bills to the doctor's lawyer who sued him. We are supposed to be paying $100 a week until the debt is paid, or they will begin garnishment of his check. Our electric bill is two months behind. I had to go into the main office at the electric company this morning and ask the manager to please not turn off our electricity until Friday when my husband gets paid. She talked to me like I was a homeless stray dog. I had to explain to her that we were behind on all of our bills and that we were in debt and that we were sincerely sorry and asking her to allow us an extension so that we and our children wouldn't be cold this week. She snarled her nose into the air and lectured me about being 2 months behind and that it could not continue to happen and that she hears "sad stories" from people with small children everyday and other "irrelevant stories" as to why people can't pay their power bill. And she lectured me with air quotes as I stood there with tears in my eyes practically begging for her mercy.

I hate to admit that I am wishing so hard for hard times to fall upon the manager at the electric company. I want her to experience the struggle and I want her to experience what it's like to be talked down to. I want her to experience what it is like to be counting dimes to make it through the week. Most of all, I want someone to make her feel less than human, to show her the exact same unkindness that she showed to me this morning.

I'm so sad because this is the time of year that everyone else is so happy and excited.

I am thankful for what I have, but it's so hard to not be envious of those who are able to go shopping for their family members Christmas presents this year.

I'm sad because I am not allowed to be excited and happy about Christmas.

And there are those people who ask me if I'm "ready" for Christmas. A little piece of me shrivels up and dies each time I hear that question. I force a smile on my face and reply, "getting there!"


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  • A lot of irrelevant information.

  • Check your locale Commission of Equal Opportunity they may be able to help you find programs to pay some of your utility bills. I know its hard to stay positive but there are many resources out there for help, you just need to look and keep trying . Apply for everything they offer, that is what these places are there for. I wish you and your family luck , I have gone through some rough times through the years too. Keep pushing on it will get better.

  • God Bless. The m************ b**** will pay, don't worry.

  • Get a job! Stop spending money on frivolous things. Stop expecting handouts. Grow up and support yourself and stop making excuses!

  • By the way -- I'm guessing you accept handouts. I bet you wait for the ruling class to hand out the slogans you repeat in the face of others. I bet you wait for rulings from courts and judges. You probably regard them as legally binding. I bet you wait for elections so that you can elect more politicians.

    I on the other hand refuse to vote. I refuse to support domestic policy including but not limited to jury work, supporting police or judges, and I refuse to their juridical rulings. I refuse to support foreign policy including but not limited to trade agreements, clandestine invasions, foreign occupations and illegal wars, and the military. Moreover, I refuse to believe/support the fictitious, national narrative by which the great, lordly kakistocracy [look it up] defines the role each of us are expect to fulfill in its great, heinous plan for our society. I refuse the slogans, political attacks [such as the recent election], and promises of a great and just society -- which are perpetually postponed just around the corner of the next election cycle.

    When I meet people like you, I delight to inform them that the state is a w****, and its pretense to the dutiful allegiance of the people registers somewhere between public blasphemy and an obscene joke. I also tell them that when they're in public, they need to keep their hand out of the pants of their mind and refuse to jack/jill to the slogans/scripts prepared for their lives.

    It behooves you to consider your ways. You can ill afford the luxury of having too many such malcontents in your masturbatory political fraud that is the state.

    Did I mention that the state is a w****?

  • Spoken like a true bourgeois patriot. Oh and about that job -- WHOSE HIRING?

  • May I just say not every person going through a rough time in their life is some lazy person sitting on their ass all day. Many people are just scraping by with both husband and wife working. If just one unexpected expense comes up it puts them behind on everything ,once behind its almost impossible for them to get caught back up.
    While I despise people that game the system ,the ones who take and take never working for anything then get everything for free. I also know there are a lot of good hard working people that struggle every day just to keep a roof over their head and food on their table. If these people are in need of some help I'm all for them getting it.

  • Agree completely! But I don't feel sorry for OP at all. She played the "we have small children" card repeatedly in her post, and that's her solution right there.

    If they'd been smart and not cranked out kids, then they truly would be SOL. But they've got the ultimate trump card, so they can catch all kinds of breaks and free $hit. All OP has to do is go on Fakebook or GoFundMe and shed a carefully-crafted tear or two while muttering something about "my children will be SO sad on Christmas morning." Boom, no more money worries! They'll probably get pregnant again in "celebration", because that would be the smart thing to do!

  • YES!

  • To whom it may concern:

    It may interest you to know that no more people than you could fit on a double-deck bus control as much wealth as the entire population of Europe and North America. I seriously doubt that those 80-odd people do as much work as two and a half continents. The amusing thing is that they have SOLD to the world the idea that the system in which people live off the backs of others is called not 'Capitalism' but socialism.

    Talk about the cat calling the kettle 'black.'

    I have a distinct impression that you're going to see considerable unrest in the so-called land of the free. You can tell this because the state prepares itself for the revolt it knows its policies will provoke.

    Educate yourself.

  • ^^^^^ be careful with your judgmental tone. Life can turn on a dime, So you should be mindful of that and thank god for your blessings. How do you know she doesn't have a job, or maybe she's been looking or couldn't find one. Who made you Jesus?

  • Prostitution

  • I don't know where your located, but aren't there programs that can help with your electric bills? Look into them in your area. That could help. It won't always be like this. Continue to stay positive and lean on friends and family for support.

  • I've been there on more than one occasion, and my best friend the same. We're now owners (separately) of 2 different businesses and employ and even help our employees. Good Luck!

  • I feel for you. Been there done that a few times. Ugh

  • I realize it's not a pleasant or an ideal alternative, but you should sit down with a bankruptcy lawyer and just see what your options are for eliminating some of the debt. That may not be viable, given the nature of your situation, but if it is, then you should be considering it. The initial consultation with the bankruptcy attorney is usually free, so there would be no immediate financial impact, although if you file, you'd have to be in a position to pay the filing fee and the lawyer's fee up front, but you could conceivably take a bit of time to allow the amount to accrue. I'm sorry you're having to deal with the situation, and that you're having to deal with a*******, but please try to remain as positive as you can.

  • Oh sweetie, I feel your pain, my electric comp cuts service reps' name is Larry, and he's a condescending ahole too. Write a letter to her manager or shareholders, what she is doing is wrong. I pray for blessings to come your way, and for Karma to kick that b**** in the ass!

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