Stolen clothing

Well a weekend long ago I was out with some friends at the mall for the day doing mall stuff and we stayed until it closed around 10ish in the evening. We passed by the nearby park on the way back and it was completely dark, I always liked that park to go running in on the weekends. Joking around one of my friends was like someone could literally go naked and no one would ever see them even if they passed by them, I replied something witty and eventually it turned to something along the lines of yeah like I would ever be up for it and I just said I was down. The park itself had no light posts and if you raised your hand ahead of you you would barely be able to see your fingertips like completely pitch black just so that you get an idea. They dared me to go streaking, and I was like sure whatever I am down. So I stripped off in the parking lot and ran on the path I should say. It was a simple lap around the park and it was a big lap but luckily as I said the park itself was completely dark. As for the details of the run it was really really really quiet and all you could hear was me taking steps and the few cars passing by at one point less than 10 feet to one side of me, the freeway sort of turns there so the only separating thing between the two is a chain link fence, luckily there was some bushes and I stayed more towards the inside of the path as to not be seen since the freeway was illuminated and the light did shine into the park on that part. Well upon my final turn to the circle I expected to see my friends in clear view with the car waiting and laughing or whatever. Yeah not so much, I stood there where I started looking around the empty parking lot and taking well into accord that they had left me and took my clothing with them. It sunk in fast that they left but it took a good while for it to actually sink in that they took my clothes, and I was left standing on the complete opposite side of my city, I had run to that park many times during practice and those were long runs and that was just from the school which was closer from my house I lived a good ten miles away. I stood there a little while longer hoping they were playing a joke and just hiding but nothing so I took to walking back in through the park, there was a secondary parking lot on the side of the park which I knew was across the street from a bike path, I was planning through what streets and routes were less visible and I could run without being seen, as I walked I laughed at myself for getting into such a stupid situation. Well to make that part short I ran through this secluded bike trail which opened up into a riverbed and led into a smaller city park, it wasn’t much of a park just one baseball field, a soccer field, two basketball courts and a playground, it was more of a weekend league thing and the first street I had to make my way down was a major street there was no way to avoid that. The entire area was closed communities and the whole street lined with parked cars so it was simple to just stay next to cars, any car that passed by would only have seen my neck up no biggie, the only problem were the intersections. These were stop sign intersections instead of lights so a relief but still intersections nonetheless. Once those areas ended then it was neighborhoods and businesses across the street, there was no cover there so I just sprinted as fast as I could and just half laughed out of embarrassment whenever a car did honk or people yelled out the window. For the sake of not having you read an entire essay I was seen a lot, ran through intersections with cars on both sides, at one point tried hiding behind the post while pressing the button franticly. I arrived home some time later and just rang the doorbell like no tomorrow until my mother answered the door, she just looked at me on the doorstep and asked where, I told her the name of the park she laughed and moved aside for me to run in.

Nov 30, 2016

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  • So embarassing. Would not call people who pull out something like this friends tbh. Totally a****** move.

  • Really

  • Yes

  • What u mean bout doin mall stuff?

  • Like just walking around

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